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Are you one of those who always say, whoa, it's the time of the month again and sometimes ask God why did he gave us such monthly discomfort? I can definitely feeeeel you! 

It's true, our period can be annoying most of the time because it can stain our stylish clothes, put us into an embarrassing situations and get in the way of our normal activities. It can certainly feel like a nuisance but once you get to learn to manage your period, you’ll definitely feel more confident and comfortable and will not dread that time of the month.

Below is a quick and simple guide on how to deal with your period:

1. Change the way you think about your period.
Your period would be much easier to deal with if you are physically and mentally prepared for your period.

Most of us think that it is something that we have to suffer through. But think again. From now on, psyche yourself that it is just a part of our normal life and that our period symbolise our womanhood.

2. Eat Iron-Rich foods
Eat plenty of iron-rich foods as this would greatly help offset the iron that we lose during our period. 

Bear in mind that our metabolism speeds up at this time of the month so it is advisable to increase our intake of calories.

3. Always stay hydrated.
Since many of us experience uncomfortability because we feel bloated during our period, drinking plenty of water or fluids is a good way to help alleviate bloating. 

Let's limit our intake of caffeine, alcohol, and sugary drinks at this time of the month.

4.Watch your diet. 
Raise your hands if you also crave for different foods before and during your period. 

But did you know that sugary and salty process foods can trigger cramps? Make sure, you take nutritious meal especially at this time of the month. It's okay to give in to your cravings as long as you will do it in moderation. :)

5. Get plenty of rest. 
It is understandable that most of us can feel more tired during this days that's why If you can sleep for at least eight hours, then please do so. 

Rest if you must.

6 Wear comfortable clothes. 
Most women prefer not to wear tight, close-fitting or otherwise uncomfortable clothing while they have their period. 

You should wear what you feel most comfortable in when you have the opportunity. Women who are bloated might prefer to wear looser tops or pants with an elastic waistband.

7 Always have pads with you. 
Make sure that you have that panty liner and pads in your purse always so that when you get your period you are always ready and will stay protected. 

Every girl is different that's why it’s a good idea if you choose the right pads so you can feel confident to move freely anytime. 

There are a lot of pads that's available in the market but I'd like to share with you about these new pads from Whisper that I got from Sample Room. 

You cannot go wrong with its cottony comfort. You'll surely get protected from stains and skin irritations because it has a built-in blue anti-leak channels and soft cottony cover. 

Was there a time when you used two regular pads at night to avoid back stains? If having stains at night has always been your problem, then make the Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights your partner at night after all it is intentionally made softer, longer, and wider to give you stain-free nights! 

And if you are you tired of sleeping in a stiff sideway or face down position just to prevent back leaks at night, well, not anymore! 

You can now sleep anyway you want it!

It has 5x more absorbency than an average pad to provide an all night all around leakage protection so you can get your worry-free and comfy #SleepGoals at night! Tip: Always make sure that your long pad really gives you more coverage vs. your regular pad. 

8. Change your pads whenever you feel the need.

Magic word: Hygiene.

Always remember that with standard pads, it should be changed every three to six hours so you will always feel fresh and more confident that you won’t leak. Good thing, we don’t need to worry about this with Whisper Cottony X Long Overnight. Since it is 31 cm long, with deeper leak barriers, and has a wider back, you can be sure that you’re covered and protected from back leakage the whole night.

So girls, at the end of the day, we women should instill in our minds that having a period is just a natural part of women’s lives. Fact check: It can be frustrating, painful, uncomfortable and stressful but once you know how to manage the symptoms, everything will just be normal.

Xoxo, 💋


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