Sunday, November 26, 2017


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Having our own house and a car are just the two of the most important necessities (but expensive purchases) that we have made ever since me and my husband started our own family. Not everyone are blessed to afford an instant purchase. There are some who are born with a silver spoon and were lucky enough to have several major purchase just right after college but there are also some who were able to acquire properties after some time because of hardwork. My husband and I fell on the latter. Currently, we already have a decent home and a car of our own and we thank God for guiding us and being with us all these years.

Trust me, we were so happy when we finally realised that we can already squeeze in our funds a budget allocation for a brand new car! Soon, I know you too will be purchasing your own car too! And since we know that all of us are working so hard just to save up an extra just to be able to live comfortably, here's a few quick tips that I want to share with you in making a car purchase :

1. Budget. 
You should be able to know if it is already the time for you to purchase a car. Remember that in buying a car, it does not just end with the purchase because it also includes auto insurance, gas and more. So are you really ready?? Will you still be able to sleep comfortably at night after the purchase? Ask those questions to yourself and be 101% sure before diving in with a purchase. 

2. Research and Comparison
When you have finally contemplated that you can sleep peacefully at night after a purchase then it's time that you do a comprehensive research and comparison.

We are just a small family but when our budget permitted us to purchase our Montero Sport we had to consider a few important things. Although it was pretty obvious that all the 3 of us would fit in it, we also had to look into a car that would have extra space for our business.

We wanted a spacious yet comfortable car so we preferred an SUV. But we wanted an affordable SUV that's why we did a lot of asking through the recommendation of family and friends  and a lot of online research too.

In finding the right car, it is important that you compare specifications of one car to another. Trust me, it will make the decision-making easier. is an excellent website where you can do this research and comparison. From used cars to brand new, you will be able to source out all the details you need in finding the right car for you.

3. Availability of Spare Parts 
You have to consider this for your car purchase because cars will eventually wear off in the long run and there would come a time that you would need to replace its parts for maintenance. I'm pretty sure you do not want a car that would give you a headache in the future due to the unavailability of its spare parts.

4. Gas/ Diesel Consumption
For us, every cent counts! So when we purchased our car, we leaned towards getting a vehicle with a diesel engine. Aside from the fact that there's a huge difference in the price of gas and diesel per litre, we have read somewhere that is way less expensive for diesel engines when it comes to its maintenance.

5. Be Wise. 
It's a human instinct that we all want a brand new car. But then, go back again to our 1st and 2nd tip above because sometimes, there will be cases that your budget can only allow you to purchase a second hand car. Don't get heartbroken if this is the case. For sure you will definitely find an excellent deal even if it's a used one. 

Trust me! We have been there and a lot who are just starting up a family knows how it feels. Did you know that prior to our Montero Sport, our first car was a second hand one…so don’t rule anything out. And again, I can only stress enough that you have to consider your budget and do your research and comparison. 

How about you? Do you have some tips in making a car purchase? 

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