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France is one of my dream destinations. Why? With its enchanting cities and the fantastic countryside, it is impossible not to fall in love with France. I've been googling a lot about the country for sometime now —whether it is the quirky country retreats, the vibrant cities or the exclusive beach resorts, there are cultural treasures and gems to explore everywhere. This is indeed the perfect country to romance in or find your love or fall all over in love again with your partner.

Within its boundaries and shores are several cities and country retreats that are just perfect for couples. Gaaad, there are a lot of beautiful places! Imagine, I am just exploring photos, what more if it's the real thing right! So if you have the chance, go ahead and plan a honeymoon or a special getaway with your loved one and escape into the quirky country retreats or the exclusive beach resorts and even one of those villas in the south of France

Here's a roundup of some of the most romantic places in France, read on to learn more. 

1. Paris for many dreamy things 
Paris is just perfect for a couple, as there are loads of ways here to enjoy some quality time with our special one. 

We all know it, it's a given thing. When you say Paris, Eiffel Tower shouldn't me missed.

You could just laze and float down the River Seine, 

or simply sit in café, stay outdoors — sip some coffee and eat a croissant. 

You could walk down the Champs-Élysées, hand in hand. 

Enjoy a great lunch or dinner together in the über-romantic city at one of the most dazzling hotels. 

Explore the flower market

 or share a hot chocolate under the Notre Dame. 

You could also visit hundreds of museums and art galleries for quality time together.

2. Annecy with lovely old buildings
Annecy is indeed one of the most beautiful resort towns in the French Alps. Located south of Lake Geneva, the resort town has its own lakeside setting. 

You will simply love exploring its glorious historic center filled with old buildings and monuments. Walk hand in hand on those passageways and streets, and you simply cannot miss the Palais de l’Ile that lies in the middle of the Canal, between two bridges. The lovely building was a royal court and prison during World War II. Visit the château that was once lodged in by the Dukes of Nemours and the great families of Genevois counts.

3. Hameau Albert 1er for great outdoors
Located in the charming mountain town of Chamonix, Hameau Albert 1er is well famous for its hiking in the summer and skiing in winters. 

Thus, you could either plan a romantic escapade for summers or the winters. The property boasts of an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and comes complete with sauna, whirlpool and a fitness room. You will simply fall in love with the gourmet food at the hotel and enjoy it with your partner amidst fantastic mountain surroundings. Get marvelous views of either Mont Blanc or the garden from the terrace your room.

4. Sancerre for gorgeous views and great wine
It is time to get starry-eyed over a glass of delicious wine and what could be better than being in Sancerre. The lovely wine comes from the vineyards all around this pretty hill town, set in a historical region of Berry.
Sancerre overlooks the gorgeous Loire from an altitude of 312 meters and indeed offers one of the best views is from the Maison des Sancerre gardens. Do not go without tasting the famous white wine of the region. Just let yourself lose as you wander and get lost in those pretty and charming streets of Sancerre. Stop by a café to have coffee or simply head towards nearby Chavignol for cheese that goes perfectly with that smooth, delicious wine!

5. Chartres for charming history
The historic Chartres center may look small but is packed with a lot. 


Visit the famous Gothic cathedral that attracts vast numbers of visitors, as it is one of the wonders of the world. Built between 1194 and 1260, it is simply amazing to see the harmony of design in the cathedral or its stained-glass windows that are from the 13th century. Climb on the north tower for a wondrous view of the glittering town below. The city looks very pretty with its old half-timbered buildings. Do not miss the annual Arts and Crafts fair in early October.

6. Arc de Triomphe with romantic vibes
The Arc de Triomphe stands in the middle of the Place Charles de Gaulle and the most colossal of all triumphal arches that were built between 1806 and 1836. 

Arc de Triomphe is indeed one of the most famous streets in Paris and is a must do for the couples. You can walk hand in hands and later dine at one of the avenue’s famous restaurants. Let your loved one enjoy a shopping spree in the many designer stores. The night at the Boulevard adds to the romantic vibe. End the day with some unique and beautiful views of the city with a tour of the Arc de Triomphe, with its decorative style based on the tradition of sculpture.

7. La Rochelle – The White city
La Rochelle, also referred to as the ‘White City,' lies on the French Atlantic coast. As a vital point during the Renaissance, it functioned as the center of the wine and salt trade.

Walk through the protected inner harbor to get a feel of the glorious past. There are the three famous towers as well as the old port, now full of pleasure boats. The splendidly gracious city is lined with splendid buildings along long arcaded streets. The old harbor with bars and restaurants invites one to linger on for some more time.

There are still more places and I could go on and on here forever, oh my! It is no wonder to see France looked upon as one of the most romantic countries! I know one day, I'll be able to see France myself together with the husband.

Xoxo, 💋


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