Monday, October 30, 2017


Howdy guys! how are you doing? How's your halloween preparation? Hope you are doing great. In my today's blogpost entry, I will be talking about our tresses and the advantage of wearing wigs. You may take note that is a sponsored post however, everything that you will read here are based purely  on my opinion.

How true is it that there are a lot of us women who goes on with our daily task then ends up so busy making one miss-out the luxury of going to the salon? This happened to me before when I was working in the corporate industry. I tell you, those were the days where in I really felt that I have neglected myself already. 😒

In the latest trends that is changing every season, I sometimes find myself struggle just to keep up. I mean, don't get me wrong — our tresses is considered our crowning glory so I try hard to be always in the know. After all, our hairstyle can make or break our look for that matter. 

But as I have just mentioned, with all the latest hair trends in the industry, it's really hard to keep up especially when you want to wear and explore every single new hair trend. With this, I can give you two main suggestions — its either wear it up as it is or use a wig and say goodbye to having bad hair days! 

Have you tried googling about wigs? 

Try searching up Divatress. They sell a lot of hair care products, wigs and brands from the Vivica Fox Collection, to Indi Remi, Batik, Sensationnel, and so much more. First time I got to explore their site and I got blown away with all the variety of products that you could choose from. 

I've listed here 3 main reasons how women can benefit from using wigs since they are becoming popular these days. 

1. Experiment often with a new look. 
You can instantly sport that bad ass short haircut by not cutting or coloring your natural locks when you wear a wig, thus you can change your style often. 

2. It can save time. 
Whether you are that student who tries to balance exams and deadlines or a mother and wife who juggles work and household duties or that independent woman who is always on the go. Wise and practical way in dealing a busy schedule is through the wonders of wearing wigs.

Just think about all those times that you can save in maintaining your hair. It does manage to cut you off some stress, am I right? 

3. No more hair torture.
We all know that styling our hair using blow dry, straightening/curling irons and hair products can greatly cause damage with our tresses. We can give our hair a break by wearing wigs. 

Be a diva! 

Choose from the amazing selection of wigs and black hair care products on Divatress today and be a head turner! Just browse their website and I'm sure there's a style that will fit you.

Remember, your hair will always tell a something about you so go out there and have that gorgeous hair that will compliment your style!

Did you like what you read?

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