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How do you choose to spend your weekend with your friends, family or with your parents? Has it ever crossed your mind having to spend more time creating arts and crafts with your child, with your siblings or with your friends?

In an age where arts are in a decline because of the rise in our more gadget -focused society, it is even more important than ever for parents to take the initiative to introduce art activities to their children.

Expressions Stationery Shop, our haven for all things arts & crafts gave way to tons of avenues for creativity during Expressions' Express Yourself month which are celebrated yearly every September. 

With a series of pARTies which gears up for its 30th anniversary in 2018 dubbed as the “Express Yourself Party”, this fun-filled fete was held weekly which started last September 2 until October 8 in 26 stores.

This initiative gave way to tons of avenues to each of everyone's talents as it unleashed inner creative streak and revealed individual's originality.

Was it fun? After you see the highlights of what transpired during the pARTies, I'm pretty sure you'll tell yourself why has it not crossed your mind to bond with your loved ones by being artsy during weekends.

The Express Yourself Party encouraged everyone to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate individuality via painting, doodling and arts & crafts. 

All who participated were geared up for a different kind of pARTy as everyone embraced their creativity.

3 Activity Stations : doodle, paint and craft stations
To fully experience the Express Yourself Party, Expressions have created a doodle, paint and craft stations where everyone can personalise any of their bought merchandise such as umbrella, t-shirt, tote bag and tumbler which are all available at the store.

They got involved for a whole day of pure arts and crafts.

They've met this cutie DIY pen/paint brush holder

And doodle their hearts out!

Oh and look at this Stunning tote bag artwork by this cute art lovers.

They really got some skills!

Check out this adorable hand painted -shirt.

and tumbler artworks,

Aren't they pretty?! 

They even painted umbrellas! Oh, the skills of the creative minds.

Some also head over to the giant doodle wall and filled it with colours. 

Everyone indeed were wearing their smile as they left a magnificent mark. 

Some participated in a workshop held at select stores.

Fellow Art Enthusiasts @Lettersofmeeya (Meera Cruz), @Crafteedandee (Dawn Ortega), and @Dollicandy (Mimi Camille) joined in the fun in select schedules to inspire everyone during their art adventure.

Art can be a great bonding experience between a mom and her child! 

But who said it is only for kids? #ExpressYourselfParty is for the whole family!

And for the Centennials too! Ha! Just kidding.

Seriously, Isn't it amazing that even the lolo's and the lola's came in to participate too!

Aside from the masterpiece-making, participants were able to shop for products by Sterling Arts, Marvy Uchida, Dong-A, Faber Castell, Sakura Pens, Deli, Croco Tape, Westcott, Maped, Colleen, and Icre8. 

Raffle prizes were drawn and freebies were given away to the first 200 participants at every store.

Ain't doing arts and crafts more fun??? So next time, make your weekend less boring and more interesting! Let's forget about our gadgets and just simply enjoy a weekend filled with artsy activities together with our family or our squad. 

Let's all embrace our uniqueness. Visit the Expressions Stationery Shop website at Get social and reach out via and

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