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"If nothing saves us from death, may love save us from life." — Pablo Neruda

That my friends are the first 12 words that I finally came to write after completely staring for 30 minutes at my laptop.

For those 30-long minutes, I was completely blank. — My mind was completely blank because my blogpost entry for today is all about death. Seriously, I don't know how to start this coz' honestly I don't know what to say. You ask me why? Perhaps, like all of you I am not just comfortable in talking about it. Like at this moment, you just don't know how I get shivers by just merely writing about it. 

But let's face it, death is way beyond our control. It is one of the inevitable things that could happen in a person’s lifetime and we cannot do anything to stop it. I once remember saying this in one of my conversations with my husband just right after the a major incident that happened in one of the casinos here in Manila where a lot suddenly lost their lives : "If it's your time to die, kahit nasaan ka pa hahabulin at hahabulin ka talaga ni kamatayan kapag oras mo na". We were there in the vicinity when the tragic thing happened, but thank God, we were saved. Hindi pa namin time yun sabi ko nga. 

So if I were to ask you, are you ready for it? Coz' honestly, when I think about death, there are a lot of questions running in my head. And so if you will ask my question back to me if I am ready for it, I hate to say it, I'm still not. I'm still young, madami pa akong gustong gawin sa buhay ko but then again it bounces back to one thing — READINESS. We must all be ready to go for the journey to the next world. 

Pero.... Magkano na nga ba mamatay ngayon?
I don't want to sound too insensitive in considering death as an expense. But if one is not responsible enough and doesn’t even care to prepare for this kind of expense, this can only add to the burden of the grieving family that was left behind diba?! I know you are wondering why and where on earth am I getting these kinds of thoughts.... just so you know, at the time I am writing this, it's 3am in the morning and on a Friday night. Awooooooo! 👻👻👻

Kidding aside, I came to think about my own passing and assess if I'm actually prepared for it or not and it has kind of given me the chance to explore this kind of option when I get to attend the recent launch of Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapels and CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative last week. CLIMBS stands for Coop Life Insurance and Mutual Benefit Services. These two companies formed a joint venture and became Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) to provide a reliable and affordable service to the public in a form of a pre-need memorial life plan. 

To further give you a background, Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) is a promising pre-need company that provides affordable life plans to all classes of society. Also, CCLPI is a private-cooperative partnership which is considered to be the first and the only one in the industry. The Insurance Commission (IC) has already given its approval on the founding of CCLPI for pre-need memorial life plan, thus it will soon be available to our dear Filipinos across the country which will surely be a big help to families so everyone can have peace of mind about their future and for their loved ones.

Mr. Renato Dychango, chairman of CCLPI, announced that the company aims to give protection not only to the rich but also for the masses.

Mr. Noel Raboy, President/COO of CCLPI assures the public that Cosmopolitan-CLIMBS will be able to help many people once their products are available.

Life plan? Nalilito ka ba? Ako din.
Honestly guys, napag-isip talaga ako ng mga bagay-bagay after the launch. I know it might be a morbid thought, but then, when will you buy your at need plan nga? On the date of your death? 

I did some research and I found out that The Insurance Commission is said to be the official regulator of all pre-need companies in the Philippines. Memorial plans or also called life plans, are one type of plan sold by pre-need companies. The other types are education and pension plans. 

Life plan stands out from the rest of the pre-need products. The one that I can highlight that's a plus on it is that it offers a memorial service instead of cash which makes it more convenient for the family of the plan holder.

I've read somewhere that there were actually 20 companies who have the license to sell pre-need plans in 2012, but only 10 of these 20 were licensed to sell life plans. Also, the risk of a memorial plan provider going bankrupt before you die always exists, we cannot deny that since it is a fact. Although it has been said that the regulation of the pre-need industry is now better since the Insurance Commission took over as regulator in 2009. 

At any rate, I think life plans are a more "stable" business line than education or pension because not all the plan holders naman will die on the same day.✌ But since the topic about death isn’t usually discussed, most Filipinos find themselves financially unprepared when faced with the inevitable. 

Always remember, even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. At the end of the day, it is still best that before you buy a plan, always check the Insurance Commission list. Make sure that your chosen provider has a valid license to sell on the type of plan you are purchasing. 

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