Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I have been questioned a lot on what's inside my bag by my friends. Questions like :
"What's in there? Have you brought all your stuff from home? " 
or something like 

"That's too heavy! Seems like there's a big hollow block inside your purse. " 
Whether or not I am travelling out of town or just in the city, the story of my life is the same because apart from my essentials, makeup, wallet and brush~ I always make it a point that I have atleast 1 perfume with me. And yes, I seldom have perfumes in small bottles. The smallest that I have is in a 50ml size. So you really cannot blame those who react on how heavy my bag always is. :)

How about you guys? Do you bring a lot of stuff too? 'Cause if you'd ask me, I always do. So I tend to bring 2 bags. My wallet, 1 lipstick, a lipgloss, my glasses, small brush, wipes, alcohol and a BBcream stays in 1 bag and the rest like other stuff from kikay kit, emergency sewing kit, toothbrush, flashlight, hand lotion and perfume goes to the extra bag that stays in the parking lot.

As much as I wanted to include the perfume on my priority bag to lessen the weight, what I do is I spray on already  and leave it on the 2nd bag. I know, I know you'd like to ask me what if I need to freshen up and yet the perfume is not with me. Fortunately, during those times, I didn't need freshen up with a perfume cause it lasted long naman. 

Pero pano nga if I needed to freshen up but the perfume was left in the car, so paano? Right now, I have good news to everyone including myself ~ we now have Travalo and Perfume Pod. These two vials gave us women on-the-go the options to bring our favourite scents wherever we go without the hassle of bulky bags.


Travalo Classic - P999.75,
Comes in nine trendy and classic colors to match your mood. Available at the 2F of Travalo SM North Edsa.
Also available at Lazada Philippines and at the 4L of SM Aura.

Travalo is the answer to smelling pretty and nice all the time for someone who moves a lot. Not only is its compact and innovative design one to revel at but it makes travelling a breeze especially when one is constantly moving around. Users don’t have to worry about fragile bottles breaking in their bags anymore. Plus, those who are away on travels for days at a time will love the lightweight designs they come in and will also rave about the added perks it gives. 

It comes in simple clear packaging which includes a manual.

A step by step information on how to use with illustration is provided for easy understanding and use.

It is fitted with a patented Genie-S system that makes transferring and refilling of perfume easy. This innovative system allows us to transfer our favourite perfume to the atomizer without exposing it to the air and spill- free. Travalo has won numerous awards and press features and it's currently being enjoyed worldwide by 10 million people.

You may compare its size similar to that of a standard lipstick.
The travel friendly size makes me so happy 'cause I would be able to bring my favourite scent all the time. The sleek rounded casing makes it easy to put in luggage or purses without eating up space. It is even small enough to fit even an evening clutch. We now have an option to freshen up anywhere, anytime. 

But guys, do not underestimate its size since it can spray as much as 65 up to 80 times plus the atomiser has a peep-window where you could check if you need to refill already. The casing is made out of a lightweight; aircraft grade aluminum that doesn’t have any glass. This now gives us a hassle-free airtravel since it is now easier to bring our fave perfume along even on our carry-on luggage. Finally, no more confiscated perfumes in airports!

Perfume Pod - P349.75,
Choose your Perfume Pod in Black, Blue, Gold, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Red and Silver.
Available at the 2F of Travalo SM North Edsa.

Also available at Lazada Philippines and at the 4L of SM Aura.

Perfume Pod is very similar but a low-priced version of Travalo. Convenience wise, you would also love to bring it along to your long trips since it will last quite a while before needing to be refilled.

Easy to use. Just pump to refill the vial.

It also uses the patented Genie-S system. No leaks and spills just like Travalo. The atomizer is lightweight, durable, shatter-proof and made out of scratch-resistant material. It won’t get damaged if it gets dropped by accident and won’t even waste a drop of precious perfume due to the way it has been designed.

It is an-the-go perfume refill bottle that does not come so expensive and gives you the convenience of having your favorite scent right beside you, everywhere you go, all the time!


Currently, I am using these two and I am now free from carrying my 100ml/ 150ml perfumes. Aside from the extra space that it saves me, I no longer worry that my scents would just be put into waste because the bottles have a crack or whatever.

Love them both since I could just pump it up to refill without spills ! 

They use a unique and innovative feature called Genie-S System to refill. 

They're definitely a one travel- friendly atomizers that transfer your fragrances into the vial effortlessly.



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