Wednesday, September 14, 2016


If you would remember, I have featured the Matstone Slow Juicer, the wonder juicer here in the blog several times - you can check the first one here and the latest one here in case you missed it. 

I have been eyeing this slow juicer for sometime now because of its great functionality and how it has been helping a lot of people in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Last Sept 4, 2016~ I was at Robinsons Magnolia for the True Value Hardware Philippines' Project Kitchen Appgrade event. I was there in the afternoon 'cause I have heard that the Matstone Slow Juicer is part of the Project Kitchen Appgrade event. 

Dr. Andrew S. H Kim
I was lucky enough to catch Dr. Andrew S.H Kim, a PhD in Oriental Medicine and Founder member, of Korea Oriental Medicine Service Team Abroad. He conducted wellness talk and revealed Oriental Secrets by renewing vigor, vitality and how to strengthen immunity. Trust me, it was the day when my eyes got opened that I am really not practicing healthy eating habits. Seryoso, nakakatakot ang daily food choices ko.

Here's sharing to you the highlights of his talk since I found it really informative ~

He revealed that the Top 5 causes of death are:  
-Food Toxins
-Modern Medicine
-Air / Water Pollution

More that 95% of all the chronic disease is caused by:
-Our food choice
-Toxic food ingredients
-Natural deficiencies
-Lack of physical exercise

Top 5 cancer causing foods:
-Sweetened Beverages
-Fried Potatoes
-Burned Meats

I have heard a lot of beneficial effects of juicing already pero always and always na lang pasok sa isang ear and labas sa isang ear ang dramahan. I always take it for granted until Dr. Kim opened up my eyes to reality. Seriously, all the top 5 cancer causing food is part of my everyday life, I don't exercise and I don't eat veggies. Saan ka pa diba, mamamatay talaga ako ng maaga if I don't change my eating lifestyle. 

Dr. Kim shared that we cannot erase the fact that we filipinos are very fond of eating unhealthy dish so we really have to do something to counter it through detoxification to bring back our colon into its normal condition. We need to feed our system with enzymes that can only be found in green leafy vegetables such as malunggay. He also shared a number of key points why juicing malunggay is healthier than merely eating just fruits.

Quoting what I wrote on my previous blog about Malunggay and Matsone :
"Did you know that Malunggay the WONDER gulay can only be juiced using MATSTONE? That is why only MATSTONE can be called the WONDER machine with a design perfect for juicing. Its unique horizontal makes juicing more effective by retaining most of the needed nutrients from the ingredients, even tough leafy vegetables like malunggay— from the leaves down to the stems. Its design also guarantees that there will be no stuck ups in processing foods and with a quick twists and turns, everyone can change the attachments easily to make this wonder machine perform 8 more functions other than juicing.

Matstone Slow Juicer is really a wonder machine. Hopefully, my budget would permit me soon or sana Santa would hear me out so I would be able to score this wonderful work of art since it really does help people in having a healthier body and lifestyle and I want to run a healthy lifestyle na.

It's been a WONDERful day of learning these health secrets from the expert himself, Dr. Andrew S.H Kim. 

If time would permit, I'd like to visit him in his clinic one of these days to learn more about the WONDER benefits of these natural remedies.

Lets all get on the right track to health with MATSTONE, The WONDER Machine! Lets all say goodbye to toxic living and hello to healthy living! Im hoping to start the juicing lifestyle very soon. Hope you do too!

To know more about Matstone Horizontal Slow Juicer, testimonials, and healthy recipes, visit their website. You may also visit for more healthy juicing recipes. Be in the know and get notified on their special promotions and updates by Liking their Facebook page.



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