Friday, July 01, 2016


Recently, SM Woman transformed SM Makati’s third floor into one giant runway through an awesome 3-day Fashion Show.

“I am Beautiful, I am Driven, I am Exceptional, I am Confident, I am Strong... I am SM Woman.” 

This was SM Woman's campaign message for their 3-day launch that celebrates womanhood in all its forms, as they simultaneously showcased their newest lines and collections.

All women with different style, personalities and shape strutted the runway showcasing to everyone their fabulous collection for SM WOMAN, and Girls Teens Wear ( GTW by SM) .

The event puts the focus on SM Woman’s enormous mix of fashion-forward and minimalist pieces and its various lines, offering day to night pieces for every woman from teens to moms irregardless of  size and shapes. 

If you are going to ask me, SM Woman has stepped up strong in their fashion game. The brand has established in creating quality stylish yet classy-looking clothing line that has remained to be affordable through the years making it ideal to every woman of all ages.

After the show, invited guests and shoppers enjoyed generous discounts because prices were dropped down up to 70 % off - If you were there, you would see that all of us went on going gaga because of the incredible drop on prices. 

It was a truly shopping haven - a lot of REALLY PRETTY PIECES to choose from.

Oh, before I forget, prior to the fashion show, there was actually a shopping challenge that took place.  Participants were task to create a look in 1 hour by shopping from SM Woman, Sm Acccessories and Parisian. I was actually one of the finalist - yay! Unfortunately, I do not have any photo during the challenge since I went to the event alone. But there was a video clip from the SM Womans Facebook page which I am sharing here so you may be able to watch how I came up with my look :)


As you have watched, it was not that easy for me (actually for all of us who were part of the challenge) to shop and come up with a polished look within a short period of time. Tell me about P R E S S U R E. Ito yun. haha! I know a lot of you could relate to this especially when shopping for clothes which are on sale and with so much variety to choose from -

I am really delighted to be part of this celebration because the campaign truly empowers each and every women to express her true self ng walang halong pagpapanggap. I felt that I am strong and confident to each of my own way because not only that I empower myself , I also empower other women to be their very best in everything that they do. 

Thus, I call myself ~ I am Beautiful, I am Driven, I am exceptional, I am Confident and Strong, I am SM Woman. 



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~some other image are from SM Woman official FB Page.


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