Sunday, July 24, 2016


I remember back in college when the only thing I would wear in my face is a lipstick. I'm sure my college friends would remember the time when we got all crazy with the matte ones - in shades of brown ones specifically. During our early college days, the matte ones are not available yet in products within our budget range so we have no choice but to settle for the glossy ones. And then what we do is we just dab a powder over it to create a matte finish~ (para-paraan lang, alam nyo yan!).

Few months later my college buddies get to discover a not so expensive brand ~ Fashion 21 which introduced the nicest of the nicest matte shades of brown. All of my kikay friends were all soooooo happy (of course including me). Since then my makeup consumption has evolved.  I got to tryout their lip liners, eye liner, mascara and others too. I'm pretty sure you've heard of Fashion 21 since it is included in the lists as one of the top local beauty brands here in our country.

A number of days ago, I received these eyebrow gels and had the chance to try out and play with them. They were carefully sealed and wrapped in clear plastic packaging with the ingredients printed on the plastic.

Its weight and its main feature which is "smudge proof" is well noted infront while the ingredients, the country where it was made and its local distributor are all written on the other side. The shade, lot no. and the manufacturing date are all indicated at the bottom part.

shade, lot no. and the manufacturing date

It is made with a mascara-like applicator which keep you from putting on too much product by accident. It’s smudge-proof too making it perfect for adding fullness to your brows.

mascara-like applicator

These eyebrow gels comes in six natural shades to complement our hair and skin. Reddish Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Clear, Copper Brown.

Check out the photo below so you can see its actual effect upon application.


Product Information:
Shades: Reddish Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Clear, Copper Brown.
Price: PhP 165.00, available at all leading malls and kiosks
Facebook: Fashion 21 Cosmetics

- I love that it comes in 6 shades ( more options, more fun!)
- Smudge proof/ Smear proof
- Texture: Lightweight and very easy to apply
- Formula: Light weight cream with shimmer but the finished look is matte
- Longevity: It lasted long for 8 hours on me
- Affordable

- Shimmer
- Couldn't be used alone to define brows ( this is applicable for those who doesn't have much hair on their brows), But if you have the right amount of natural brows, like in my case, I didn't use a brow pencil anymore to outline.

The Verdict:
You could really see the effectiveness of the make-up if you use it specifically on where it should be instead of just trying to swatch it at the back of your hand. Since I road tested its different shade on my brow itself, I could say that it is true to its described colors and to its feature being smudge proof.

Using it was easy-peasy. I only used it with 2-3 swipes and I could already see that my brows has been defined and enhanced. Although if you have thin hair on your brows, I would suggest that you initially use a pencil to define your brows then top it off with the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Gel to achieve a natural full looking brows.

It did last long. I started applying it around 11am and it lasted until the evening without fading and smudging. I didn't even have to re-apply or retouch. I love that it is lightweight and has that creamy-colored with shimmer formulation in matte finish. I know that not everyone would like the "shimmer thingy" effect that's why I noted it as one of its "cons" but if you'd ask me, I really love the shimmer effect since it gives me that certain glow and dimension on my brow which makes my over-all look more natural.

So if you'd ask if I will buy one again after consuming all these? Definitely YES!  So far it is the most affordable yet effective eyebrow gel in the market so who wouldn't?



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