Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Never under estimate the power of a good night's sleep ~says my husband. :) I always hear these words from him every moment he sees me worried sick.

Oh well, he has his point here 'cause there is nothing quite as difficult and as fulfilling as it is than to be a mother. For moms like me, you would agree to me that there was a point in our lives when we had to experience sleepless nights. Carrying that child in our womb is just one of the many reasons. Another on the list is for being worried because one of our family members got sick- and the list goes on and on.

For mothers, it means having to balance our commitments to our spouse, family, work, household, and social life. So is it right to say that we mommies are an embodiment of the empowered women - women of strength, patience, perseverance, and passion?

YES and YES!

I was one of the privileged mom that got invited at the recently held Special SPArty for mommy bloggers organised by Uratex at the Ronac Lifestyle Centre in Magallanes last May 6, 2016. I think the universe heard me ~ this treat is a well deserved break from my everyday toxic activities.

As you see I came with my daughter and we arrived early ~ so I was able to capture extra beautiful photos and was able to try their premium mattresses and pillows. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the hospitable staff from both Uratex and AMPR team. We were then ushered to the second floor where we got to tour at the Uratex Premium Gallery.

As we take a tour at the Gallery, I learned further about the essence of having a good quality of sleep.  "Love", the Sales Person who assisted me said that our bedroom is our sanctuary and our beds is our haven thus it is just right that we should value a good night's sleep. Ouch! Guilty party right here as I always deprive myself from a having a good night sleep.

XSensor Machine
She told me all about their XSensor Machine, an image -pressuring device that helps sleepers detect which mattress best fits our needs.

We also got to check and try their top of the line mattresses.

Premium Touch
Premium Touch (Sublime) - Gives an all day, all night soothness and coolness. It has an advanced pocket spring system and premium quality foam. It is Specially crafted using two layers of individually wrapped pocket coil springs that intelligently conform to the movement of your body, minimizing turning and tossing during the night. Its top comfort layers consist of natural latex and memory foam that help relieve pressure points and back pains.

Senso Memory
Senso Memory (Ultima) - Conforms to your body, evenly distributing pressure that makes you feel like you're in a cocoon of comfort. It's Visco-elastic foam remember and recognises your body making it more personalised. Formulated with Hydragel® technology, its premium memory foam is infused with gel beads ( the first in the Philippines by the way) which absorb heat and provide optimal airflow. Specially designed with extra plush comfort layers, it delivers exceptional pressure relief that helps you fall asleep faster.

Orthocare (Balance) - Help sleepers with their orthopedic needs, which gives relief and back support. Recommended by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, the Orthocare Balance mattress is designed with a firm feel help ensure proper spine alignment. 

After trying out the mattresses, the favorite of my daughter is the Senso Memory Ultima~ and guess what, she's asking me to buy her one. :)

I told her we will come back again so that her dad can check the mattresses too.

By the way, we use Uratex mattress too at home and I could say that it's really durable 'cause we have been using it for several years already.

We also got to try their Senso Memory Celeste Gel Pillow and Soft Escape Hydragel Pillows.

I couldn't take my hands off the pillow. I swear, I really wished to just stay there forever. :)

We also visited by their Monoblock collection and the highlight currently is their Olympia Chair Collection.

I love the sleek design and its matte finish. Aside from its design, what makes Olimpia chairs unique is that it is nitrogen injected which makes it more durable and has an anti-slip foot pads that keeps chair in place thereby preventing accidents.

There was also this room where we watched a short informational video by Dr. Keith Aguilera, ENT/Sleep Specialist from the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine. We learned some TIPS ON HOW TO HAVE A GOOD SLEEP.

Some of the tips I learned are:
-Strictly no noise and light
-Avoid caffeine after 2PM 
-Limit naps 45 minutes or less
-Reserve the bed for sleep 
-Proper temperature and good ventilation

As we went down the stairs, I notice a bold and pretty structures at the ground level. We were told that it is some of the Sixinch Furniture Collection. 

They were all so colourful and pretty! Me and my daughter loved it so much!!!

Right after we finished our tour, we were ushered to the activity area where the rest of our afternoon was spent with fun-filled pampering activities.

All of us were treated with a manicure/pedicure/foot spa, nail polish, paraffin treatment and a make-over -

The Spa Treatment were made possible by Celeberity Nails.

We also had a very happy tummy :)

Buffet catered by The Creamery

We were really treated like queens from start to finish. Aside from the very informative tour, learnings on the importance of sleep, relaxing and cozy ambiance, good food and the pampering session~ the real bonus is I get to make new friends. 

Thank you Uratex for organising this Uratex SPArty for all of us!

And just like any party, I would like to extend again a big thank you for the loot -  Happy to take home the gift pack from Celebrity Nails, the Downy Baby Gentle Softener, the Powerbank, the Bathrobe and of course the SENSO MEMORY CELESTE TRADITIONAL GEL PILLOW~ It's now an additional to our pillow collection. My wish to stay in your bed forever didn't come through but I can now have a good night sleep hugging the Senso Memory Celeste Gel Pillow every night. 

Oh and thank you also for picking me as a winner of the vibrant Olympia Chairs!

You' the sweetest Uratex! Love love love!



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  1. Those beds and pillows look so comfy and made me wanna sleep for a long time. Haha! Not really a fan of sleeping, because i always want to be productive, but those beds and pillows are so inviting!!!

  2. A good sleep every night is very important, otherwise you won't be able to have energy the next day and if you don't have a good mattress, your back will hurt, which is not good. I've spent a lot of money on my bed but I am happy about it as I can wake up rested and happy. It's better to invest in a good mattress then regret it later, when you ahve to spend money on the chiropractor. :)

  3. It looks like you were in for a treat! The pillows looked so comfy. I think I will fall asleep if I was there. :D

  4. I think this is what I just need to help me with my sleeping troubles. After my room is renovated, will make sure to drop by Uratex to have the XSensor Machine detect which mattress best fits me. I was also surprised to know that I should avoid drinking caffeine after 2PM. Since I know now, I'll certainly won't drink coffee after 2PM. And what a fun experience. I wish when I become a mom, I'll get to experience these kinds of events too. Thank you for sharing.

    - Me-An Clemente of

  5. We bought the senso memory ultima two years ago when we moved in our new house and it was one of the best purchases. We really appreciate the comfort it provides. I have a chronic back pain and somehow the mattress has helped.

  6. Those beds look so comfy!! I like the premium touch! I will no longer leave my bed if I have that hahaha.

  7. Bongga! What a great treat for mothers, you all deserve it. :D

  8. I am there too. And it's too good to see you from a far. We really deserved a pampered day once in a while :D. I love Uratex product so much as I dont want to leave our bed. But I have to face my working routine everyday. Thanks to uratex pillows that I am using while light off in the office during break time.

  9. Pampering session for moms! I love it! And those beds really looks comfortable.

  10. I totally agree! Moms need sleep. As if a career and a woman isn't enough task, they need to care for a little human

  11. I think this is what I need right now, i always had a hard time finding a good sleep.. maybe it really has something to deal with the matress.. i would love to check this XSensor Machine too to see what kind of mattress will fit me.. i also love those modern lookin chairs.. they are so cool

  12. Awesome!! The bed and pillows looks so comfortable!! :) I'm sure you had a real relaxed time sleep!!

  13. That's a beautiful event to be invited in. I'm sure you all had a great time. I see my friend, Rhia enjoying herself in one of your photos. Hehe. This is what most people ignore. A great matress is a good investment because it will help us rest well, especially for mothers who lack most of it. Yes, there are more affordable matresses in the market but even my family trust Uratex. Not only is it comfy, it's also durable. It really lasts for years.

    ❤ Louise | Tales & Escapades

  14. I actually appeared to be as well pleasantly surprised to be aware of we will need to keep away from enjoying levels of caffeine just after 2PM. Since i have find out at this moment, Cover unquestionably will likely not sip cappuccino just after 2PM. Plus that's a pleasurable practical experience. I actually need whenever i turn into a mommy, Cover find practical experience these kind of incidents very.