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Many people count on coffee to boost up energy and start their day. However, making good coffee is not as simple as mixing coffee and hot water. Take it from a coffee artisan and barista instructor Dave Dource, who was launched recently as BREVILLE®s new brand ambassador at the two-day selling exhibit at Rustan's Alabang Town Center. 
“You cannot have good coffee without a good brewing tool,” he says. 
In his eight years of being in the coffee industry, Dave has already made a name for himself by winning in latte art competitions here and abroad. He was certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, and a member of the Barista Guild of America.

Photo from left: Coffee Expert Dave Dource signing the Memorandum of Agreement as Breville’s newest brand Ambassador with Cris Llamo, Vice President and General Manager of BREVILLE® Philippines.
In the Philippines, he is part of a movement called Barista Artist and Scientist. The group aims to teach and introduce specialty coffee to the Filipino audience. He was also an instructor at the School of Barista (former Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy).

Dave says that much like wine, there is complexity in making and drinking coffee. To bring out the flavor and taste of coffee, there need BREVILLE®s to be a proper extraction.
“If you have expensive coffee you do not want to waste its flavor and taste. You need a proper equipment to extract that taste. You need BREVILLE® for that. With BREVILLE®’s espresso machines, you can adjust the temperature to get the right taste,” relates Dave.
The coffee connoisseur says that water temperature is very important for your coffee. 
“The higher the temperature, the more bitter the coffee becomes as it gives out more acidity.”
He says that there is no perfect temperature in general as it depends on the coffee beans. He notes that Ethiopian coffee is high on acidity, so you need a lower temperature for that.
 BREVILLE® can adjust on those parameters. You need equipment that can adjust to a specific temperature. Your temperature should be consistent all throughout,” he adds.
The BREVILLE® Coffee and Kettle line consists of the Compact Kettle-™, Barista Express™, Smart Grinder Pro™, Dual Boiler™ and Oracle™. The Compact Kettle™ may be small in size but big in features. It can hold one liter of water and boils it in 45 seconds. It has a stainless mesh filter and a soft open lid to prevent splatter.

Be like a barista and brew your coffee at home with the Barista Express™. This machine delivers coffee fast and efficient with its 250g bean hopper, conical burr grinder, milk frother and hot water outlet.

The Smart Grinder Pro™, on the other hand, lets you experience grinding coffee beans at home. This hands-free machine is very easy to use. You have the option to grind beans from the coarsest to the finest with its 60 grind setting. Its bean hopper can hold up to 450 grams of coffee beans. It also comes with an airtight container for pre-ground coffee grinds.

For baristas like Dave, the Dual Boiler™ is a winner. It has triple heating system with actively heated group head. The Dual Boiler gives the right temperature for every cup. One boiler is for steaming milk, while the other is for steaming espresso. 
“If you have a single boiler and you are producing a continuous flow of water, your temperature will break down. As an artist, I want to make good latte art and to do that, I need the Dual Boiler™ so I can control the texture of my milk and extract my coffee right. With other brands designed for home-use, it can make art but not the same art as I make in a café. But with Breville, I can make the same quality of art,” relates Dave.

Coffee Expert Dave Dource recommends Breville’s ORACLE (BES980) if you want your coffee fix fast or practice latte art at home. 
The star of the Coffee and Kettle line is the Oracle™, the world’s first automatic manual espresso machine. It has stainless steel dual boilers, built-in grinder with 350 gram bean hopper, and manual and automatic built-in frother. The Oracle features automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing. It is also equipped with the one touch Americano feature which delivers a double espresso, and through dedicated spout, fills the cup with hot water, just like how it is done in cafés. 

Dave recommends the Oracle™ to those who want to have their caffeine fix fast and those who want to practice making latte art at home.
“You just need to choose the steaming feature and it will give you a steaming texture for latte art. So if you want to learn latte art, Oracle will help you make a good art pattern. When you wake up in the morning and you want your coffee fast and hot, Breville is easy to heat up. In less than five minutes, you can make your coffee,” he explains.
“You can never wrong." Breville-lize your kitchen! 

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