Monday, September 15, 2014

STYLE | Into Denims

Denims have been in the fashion scene for decades now. The current trend in denims seems to not only concentrate merely on just jeans alone. Rather, it has continued to evolve since stylists started to create shorts, jackets, dresses, skirts and even accessories has started to come out of it too. 

I guess the evolution of the denim fabric will definitely continue through the years and just the thought of it makes me excited.

I paired my pretty denim Topshop skirt with a Green top by Etam ( Etam is a European brand which has recently opened its Manila branch here at the SM Aura).  Both the skirt  and the top are gifts from my sister who is based in London. Yes! That's one of my perks.. having a personal shopper in United Kingdom!.... weeeeeeeee!) 

The first time I saw them from the parcel box, I already fell in love with it as they complemented each other so much. The flower accents of the green top actually broke its simplicity, giving the top some added ooooomph.  I'm also loving the tote bag that was sent to me by AK's COLLECTION. It made my look from being a casual chic to a trendy chic :)  I have been using the bag several times already and I may say that it was made from its superb quality. Unlike any tote bags that is available in the market, this one is pretty different. The materials used are not the same as the ones that I always see. And if you may ask where it was made? It's made and manufactured here in the Philippines which makes me love it even more -- Yes, I strongly support, local products! Isn't nice if we love and support local products. Do you support Filipino products too? 

Top | Etam
Denim Skirt | Topshop
Tote Bag | AK's Collection
Sandals | Tutum Shop

Special thanks to the hubz for the photo.
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