Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Christmas in September

It was a struggle to wake up so early really this morning. I was sooooo tired from the weekend's activity. Believe me, my life as an entrepreneur and doing bazaars is not an easy task. With an absent staff, this is a solid meaning that Anthony and I are all on our own - From setting up the booth space area -  to manning and selling -  up to packing up...

Nevertheless, As  I open my eyes today, I woke up with an extra smile on my lips. Grateful to each blessing I received through the years…

It was drizzling earlier when I woke up. But it was just short and the sun did shine afterwards.

Daily routine – done.
Brought my daughter to school - done
So, Mommy duties are all done.

On our way back home, (which is our regular route to and from my daughter’s school) we decided to stop by the green area somewhere in BF Paranaque and decided to have a little garden shopping to be able to do a tree planting. It’s time to give something back to nature I guess. 

The place is so beautiful that I couldn’t help but request for a photo -op :) haha!

I know it would seem to everyone of you that I have planned everything. Seriously, it was not at all planned :) My ow-ow-tee-dee (#OOTD) just matched the ambiance. Good thing I decided to dress up a bit because it blended so well in my background. :)

So obviously I am wearing a 2 - color combination - - RED and GREEN. And for me, the 2 - colors when combined mean only one thing….

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S - - My all time favorite season. The season of giving and sharing. :) :) :

Christmas in September??? Why not.

Notice the Christmas lanterns behind me??? and it is just only the month of September.
In a tropical country like the Philippines, this is the time when we could already feel the slight gentle breeze touching our skin either early in the morning or in the late afternoon. A little hint that tells us that it is already September right?

Yes, SEPTEMBER - -  The start of the "BER" months. The "BER" months has definitely arrived :)

Suddenly, I realized that time does fly so fast because it is September once again. 

Just three Sundays ago, if we all remember, all the Filipinos showed once more how hospitable and united we are in times of a calamity brought about by the recent tropical storm that hit greater portions of Luzon including Metro Manila. A lot  of people have given donations and shared. Something that we Filipinos should be proud about.

Days passed and the fast –paced life in the city went back to normal. The weather has already improved a lot. Those who were greatly affected have slowly picked up the pieces and started anew. Because of this, I thanked the "Guy" above for giving each one of us the blessing for living a life full of blessings, hope and happiness.

It is really a heart-warming experience when our fellow - Filipinos become united and did a lot of sharing and giving last month. I am hoping that we will all continue to keep on sharing so we can feel the spirit of Christmas everyday....

Not only during December.

Not only during a calamity or misfortune.

Not only during September :)

Xoxo ,


Top | F21 
Peplum skirt |  LCS (Lifestyle Clothing Solutions) - Thank you Angel!
Sunnies | Wayfarer by Rayban
Ballerina Flats : Tory Burch 

Photos by the husby

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