Thursday, January 16, 2014

REVIEW: Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Leave-on Lotion (SKINREBORN)

It has been sometime since I was able to post a product review due to my crazy busy schedule lately.  Believe me I have tons of pending products still waiting to be tried and tested.

I'm not complaining...I love what I do. I love sharing to each one of you my experiences (likes and dislikes) in a product :) It's just that it bothers me when I think of the products that are yet unreviewed and are already piling up :(

Anyway, ever since September came in, I felt like I am a SuperWoman. Mommy duties. Business Duties. Health duties. Fitness Duties etc.. etc.. Things are all coming in so fast. (As in lahat sila sabay-sabay! And most of the time I would just like to blurt out and say NAKAKALOKA!!! ) 

No matter how I strive hard to balance and fulfill each duty, I know, I failed to fulfill my goal to practice yoga atleast 4x a week. YES!!! I FAILED! I know when I get back and practice once again, my body will be sore because my muscles became "kunat" once again. Sayang, at pumapayat pa naman na ako... hehe...

I gotta' thank Danica though when she left a message on Instagram and said she wanted to send in some samples of her product. She is my Angel in disguise because she sent me these.

Has anyone of you tried something like the anti- cellulite & Slimming leave-on lotion? I've been seeing a lot of this in the net, in different brands but I have not tried any. So I got excited and curious when I got to receive it. Excited because I will get to try a slimming product (minus excercise) and curious on its effect.


Here's what it claims:
- Burn down fat deposits
- Diminish Cellulites
- Soothing
- Visible results as early as 3 days.

I started using this last September 9. My Last Yoga Practice was September 3. Since then up until now, (September 26 ) I  have not been able to go back to the studio and practice yoga. (Yes, this review has been kept floating on my draft folder since end of September. A very bad sign for a blogger like me huh! )

- It's not sticky so it can be used during the day.
- The bottle is handy. Ready to fit in your purses should you get to be addicted to it. For those who would prefer to use it every 5 hours, you'll know what I mean why I describe the packaging as being handy.
- In less than a minute, that soothing effect is felt.
- It does burn down fats and cellulites because I saw a difference on my thighs through measurement reduction -see pictures :)

-It smells like a mild version of Bengay cream BUT after a minute of application, the said smell diminishes eventually so no need to worry of being "amoy hilot" or something. That's it. Actually, it's not really a problem for me because as what I said, after a minute, the smell is all gone :) 

Did you see the reduction in the measurements? Effective isn't it? Interested in the product? You may contact Danica at +63 9274968884 or add them up on  Facebook here or follow their instagram account here.

That's it for now :-) another interesting review soon.



  1. HI Jaimie! I actually ordered this product out of instinct! You see, I'm a Filipina and spent sometime in the US and being said so, that place made me gain weight and belly fats, as in my brothers are like: "hoy, magpapayat ka nga" and "wow, san mo binili yang belt bag mo?" grabe nahuhurt na ako hahaha.. I'm also an avid online buyer, I saw this product on IG but was a bit hesitant at first because the seller of the product responds to the inquirer in a "not so" professional way, buti na lang may hashtags and I stumbled upon a nice seller which I had transact in a way that I want., sa kanya ako umorder and I'm so excited to receive my package in 2days :) That Skinreborn line actually have "Triple Acting Lotion" that comes in a green color, they act the same as the Anti-cell lotion that you reviewed, yun lang mas hot sya and to be applied only at night.. I'm just happy to see your review and actual result photos using that product, at least with my diet routine now plus that thing e hopefully I'll have my muscle toned.. Thanks for sharing your experience with this lotion, it helped a lot! Kudos! -Mei

  2. Hello Mei! So glad you really took a time to read out this post and happy to know that you were able to encounter a not masungit na seller. There are a lot actually out there na masungit talaga. But yes, I do transact with those who are actually accommodating as to the ones who are masungit and bastos ones. I don't mind paying kahit extra 5-pesos or more as long as the one that I am transacting with is polite talaga. Respeto is the key you know.... Tamar ba? Hehehe.
    Anyway, I am curious how was it? Was it effective on you too? Must pala the diet? successful ba? I'd like to know... Update me ha....

    Jaimie :)