Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FEATURE: Manor Shoes - 100% Marikina Made Shoes

Last Monday, I re- posted in my instagram account a photo from Manor shoes  -  I mentioned that I was drooling over it...  and I really mean it when I said that... :)

If bags can pump out blood in my system, I guess, shoes can make my heart melt. :-)

I have a lot. as in super "a lot" haha! Perhaps, I can blog about my shoe collection in the future so you may see the pairs that I scored from different brands.

Manor Shoes as I've read in their Instagram page are locally made - which made me love it more.

As you know, I really give my support to Filipino Brands - products that are made with 100% Filipino pride and love.

Below are some photos that I grabbed from their instagram page :

This is the photo which made me stop for a while. haha! heels, heels and lots of heels! OhmyGod! :)

This wooden wedge is my favorite, I swear :-)

The caption indicated for this photo was "their best seller" at the #marikinashoesfesival2013  --  So pretty naman kasi.

Their collection vary from heels, pumps, flats, sandals and even slip-ons

Currently, they have a booth at the #MarikinaShoesFestival2013 happening at the Eastwood City Walk. They will be there until Monday, September23  - - Why don't you come and visit them so you may check out their collections :) :) :)

Just incase, your schedule is tight, you may view their collections at the Landmark Makati and at the Riverbanks mall or you may contact them at 0917-4472113 :)

That's it for now - - :)

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