Sunday, January 12, 2014

Talking Business

I know all of us wouldn't want to be just working for someone forever. Deep within us, we would like to be the boss or if we dream bigger, we would want to put up a company of our own.

At the time when I am writing this, I was thinking about the time when I resigned from a prestigious resort in Boracay then afterwards transferred to a prestigious resort in Palawan (I am Manila Based). Although I am working full-time that time, I already have a small business on the side - Actually it started when I design fashion accessories for my personal use which got noticed by friends and colleagues. It is then when I later on decided to join exhibits and bazaars every weekend during the months of  October to December... It was so rewarding because I am earning extra cash :-)

I have read an article once but I couldn't remember where. (Apologies for not being able to properly reference the source of the article below since I am just new to writing/blogging - ) Nevertheless, since then, this have become an inspiration for my goal in -life.

Below is a snippet of the article which I have read somewhere (credits to the writer)

"Rule of Thumb for Entrepreneurs: Start Small! Then marvel as your little SariSari Store becomes a MALL!!!"

When someone asked me a year ago and up until now... So why do you want to start your own business? I want to start my own business not for the money alone but for the satisfaction of being my own boss and the fulfillment of achieving a long-time goal. It isn't about the profits, I say... but come to think of it.... Really now!!!

The reality is, money is everything! and in the world that we live in, this is totally true!!! Money determines whether you can haul your idealistic ass along the road of conquest so far out of Bills! Bills! and Bills that we have! And running a business means taking risks. Even the rich and the shrewd do come up with flat-out duds from time to time.

Failing, even occasionally, however, is one luxury a budding business mogul can't afford to commit. Remember that one mistake could mean the end of everything you have put up as investment. Bottom line: Recklessness is unprofitable!!! And that's what small enrtrepreneurs should ever bear in mind!!! "

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