Friday, April 01, 2022

Finding Hope And Joy Through Connections In These Tough Times

Filipinos are recognized for a variety of things, but if there is one feature that we are genuinely known for around the world, it is our warmth and hospitality toward others, as well as our love of honoring our emotional bonds. There's a reason why family is such a vital institution in our culture, and we've nailed it when it comes to staying in touch with our loved ones.

Take the last few years, for example, when our style of connecting with others has drastically changed. While things have improved, everything that has happened has helped us to seek new methods to enhance our bonds. This is due to our innate ability to find joy and hope in everything. It's in our DNA to find joy in the tiniest and most basic of things.

Every Filipino family's dynamics demonstrate this. Let's focus on a common occurrence in a normal Filipino home: meals and table conversations. Mealtime – and the cooking that goes along with it – is more than a rote part of our day for us. The routine itself is based on a psychology.

Moms, the most common ringleaders in the kitchen, don’t just throw something in the pan to feed their family. Cooking is an act of love, and what’s rarely seen is the thought behind every meal prepared. What food will make their family smile? How do they make it healthy so that they get the nutrition they need?

To have good food means to fill the ones we love not only physically, but emotionally as well. This expression of love is also evident in the everyday moments that we share whenever we sit down to have meals together. Breakfast, for example, sets the mood for the day because it is the chance for the family to catch up and connect with each other before they head off to their busy day. It is the time of the day when everyone comes together and puts all their personal affairs aside to focus on the moment.

True enough, preparing breakfast and enjoying it is another way of saying “I love you” in our culture. We’ve perfected the concept of comfort food down to the smallest of details with how we make every meal out of love and the way we enjoy our table sessions as a form of family bonding. Pandemic or not, this part of our culture is something we have always retained and will hopefully strengthen even more.

The concept of meals #madewithlove is something that cooking oil brand Pacific Sunrise has always championed. A product of Agri Pacific Corporation, this healthy vegetable oil made from palm olein has always been a strong supporter of finding what’s good and special in preparing meals. For the brand, cooking means so many things, and the way we make our meals is just as important as the meals that end up on our table spreads. It is a chance to nourish our loved ones with food prepared with an ingredient that has 0 percent cholesterol, trans-fat, and non-GMO formulation. It is also fortified with vitamin A and contains Vitamin E, Omega 6 and 9. And it is Halal-certified!

Pacific Sunrise is sustainably-sourced and is versatile for cooking that it is an ideal kitchen counter regular for those who have always looked at the process of food preparation as something more than just a chore but also an act of love. So the next time you want to prepare breakfast, take it as a chance to show how much you care by cooking from the heart.

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