Friday, April 29, 2022

Enjoy Big Savings for Your Business With LG Commercial Laundry

Running a company is difficult. To make a profit, you must be able to optimize savings while maintaining high quality. This is a delicate balance that must always be maintained. Customers will be dissatisfied if you cut corners too much. You risk losing money if you ignore operating expenses. You must have the best of both worlds to be successful.

This balance is needed even more for commercial laundry businesses. Running a laundry business involves a lot of expenses that can add up quickly. Thankfully, technological innovations, especially from global innovator LG, have greatly helped in ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations. The LG Giant C Max and LG Titan C Max washing machines provide the best value in terms of energy, time, and expenses.

LG commercial washing machines are able to reduce energy and water consumption while increasing efficiency. In fact, according to Energy Star standards, LG Commercial Laundry machines save more energy and water than other products in their category. LG machines are also the first commercial washer brand to be certified and given the orange tag by Meralco.

For time-saving, both the LG Giant C Max and LG Titan C Max have the Atomizing & Twin Spray feature. Twin Spray rinses your clothes non-stop while spinning, resulting in a speedier wash and higher customer rotation rate. Atomizing Spray also sprays water on the door, so you don't have to clean excess suds off the door glass. It also has a Gyro Balancing System that offers low noise and less vibration when in use. The noise and vibration emitted by LG commercial laundry machines are low enough for people to focus on other tasks while they wait, creating a pleasant environment that can meet the needs of various customers.

LG commercial washers are designed with cost-efficiency in mind. The specially-engineered 10° slope drum enables the machines to use less water because it puts more laundry into the water without sacrificing superior washing performance. The washers are also made to be as compact as possible with a bigger capacity. The smaller size lets you stack them so you can have more machines even with a limited space. Lastly, its Multi Heat Treatment of parts improves durability and resists against gradual abrasion. LG washing machines enjoy extended operating life and less repairs, helping your business save costs. 

Save big on your business while still delivering top-notch performance with LG commercial washers. You can view more details in our website at

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