Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How Do You Love Yourself Completely?

Discovering new facets of yourself that you were previously unaware of is part of loving yourself. Giving yourself the room to develop and the care you need is essential to being an empowered, independent, and motivated woman.

As women, it's important that we care about our body and just provide the best care to ourselves. There’s no compromising the care that our body needs, from the seen to the unseen thus self-care is a must. Yes, there are mistakes that we do and it’s not easy to change, but isn't it that it’s harder to stay the same?

Here's a snap salute to all the women who strive to improve themselves more and more everyday. Cheers to all the modern woman, the achiever and more who strives to live a life of significance and believes in taking good care of herself. 

Part of this improvement is showing love to thyself and yup that includes even the most intimate part of our body. So why settle for less when you can go beyond the usual care for your femzone? Try Lactacyd! I love Lactacyd as it provides ultimate feminine care made from natural milk extracts that function in harmony with our femzone to restore its natural balance so we can be at our feminine best everyday. 

Have you seen the new look of the Lactacyd Feminine Wash? It is made for the woman who constantly reinvents herself.

Check 4 Variants of Lactacyd Feminine Wash in 4 whole new packaging:

Lactacyd Odor Fresh is the feminine wash made with milk and natural plant extracts that provide 24-hour odor protection where it matters most. Love every inch of yourself,

Lactacyd Pearl Intimate is the feminine wash made with milk and natural marine extracts that gently whitens the bikini area with regular use.

Lactacyd Pro-Sensitive - The feminine wash with natural milk extracts, Lactic Acid, and Lactoserum that protect and soothe sensitive skin.

Lactacyd All Day Care - The feminine wash with natural milk extracts provides a clean feeling after every wash.

All 4 variants are Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use. Visit Lactacyd Official Store on Shopee and get one today!

If you haven't yet, download Shopee available on IOS and Google Play!

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