Sunday, May 23, 2021

8 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Improve Your Relationship

The elation that stems from a new relationship can make you feel on top of the world. As you enter a long-lasting commitment like marriage, the newness wears off. The relationship begins to feel like it is growing stale. Whether you have been dating for three months or married for ten years, your relationship can only thrive through commitment, mutual respect, and effort. Wondering what ways can spruce up your relationship? We have a few easy ways to do so. 

Communication is king

Communication is inarguably a determining factor for success in every relationship. They say a couple that communicates better sticks together. Communication doesn’t need to be the usual” We need to talk’ phrase that sends shivers down the spine. It’s simply learning to express your honest feelings, opinions to your partner as often as you can. You can spice your relationship by having meaningful conversations that step out from the routine” What do you want for dinner?” Engage your partner on current events or different subjects that revolve around lives. Getting past the superficial day-day conversations and having deeper conversations helps you to know your partner better and generally improve your relationship

Express appreciation through gifts

Keep the spark alive in your relationship by appreciating your partner with gifts. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated. In fact, according to experts, the true meaning of gift-giving isn’t extravagance. It is sentimentality. A perfect gift could be a tiny trinket from a thrift store or a quick search on a men’s grooming shop and purchasing a nice gift for your man. Perhaps he is too busy to restock or isn’t aware of some lovely new products in the market. When purchasing a gift, convey the message to show something like I was thinking about you when I saw this or bought this. This makes the gesture appreciated and meaningful. 

Have time for your partner

Life can get so busy, and sometimes we get caught up in the to-do lists. We only give too much attention to the pressing matters of the day. If you find that the only conversation you have is “who is taking the kid to the dentist or soccer game, and not on how each of you is doing, then you might be entering a danger zone. Did you know that up to 39% of relationships end because couples grow apart? Have time for your partner. If you have to put it on a calendar that’s fine. Talk about issues that affect your day-to-day life, get to know what is going on in your partner’s life,  their day-to-day, etc. Spend quality time together; it could be over a cup of coffee, a date night, or a workout session. The goal is to be present both physically and emotionally. 

Spend time apart

You might be wondering how we can mention spending quality time together and spending time apart as a way to boost your relationship. Well, while it sounds counterintuitive, it surprisingly is one of the best ways of improving your relationship. As you know, how you feel about yourself determines how you act around your partner. If you flourish as an individual, your relationship will benefit, but you will hurt the relationship if you exhibit toxic behaviors. 

Take time for yourself, find a new hobby, spend time with friends, or engage in activities that will help you discover yourself more. Maintaining independence within the confines of a relationship makes you develop patience and stay refreshed; it prevents your together time from being stale. In essence, it allows for curiosity, more interesting conversations, and growth. 

Physical intimacy is key

It is not just the love and affection that keep the bond alive. An immediate sense of intimacy can help your relationship blossom. There will inevitably be times in the relationship where one might not feel the vibe. That’s normal. However, it would be best if you remembered relationships involve compromise and trying your best!  

It’s all about the small things

It is so easy to overlook or outgrow certain things or activities that initially brought you together. Small, simple acts of kindness or thoughtfulness send a message that you care about your partner. Things like hugging before bed, saying good morning to each other, leaving a note for your partner might seem insignificant and repetitive, but very important to your partner. Sometimes all we need is someone to keep doing the small things that mean so much, rather than grand gestures with zero thoughtfulness

Apologize when you screw up!

Relationships are about ups and downs. There will always be the breakfast in bed moments, and I will take the couch moments. Disagreements are healthy. What matters is how you fight and if you fight constructively. Don’t go hours or weeks without speaking to your partner because your ego won’t allow it. If you say something hurtful, talk about it ASAP.

 Below are some tips to help you deal with arguments or fights

  • Speak softly and gently. Politeness is key
  • Avoid critical defensive remarks which can cause the conflict to escalate
  • Edit what you say: Don’t blurt out every negative thought that crosses your mind. 
  • ‘Use repair statements’ to diffuse arguments. For example, you could hold their hands or use a caring remark
  • Always remember that you love the other person

Establish Goals together

Have some goals that you can work on together as a couple. It could be saving for a road trip, performing at a concert, furthering your education, or buying property together. Working toward a common goal makes you feel like a team and reinforces commitment in your relationship. 


As you establish goals together, set time to discuss your plans and dreams for the future, then support each other in making them a reality. 

Wrapping up

No matter how strong your connection is as a couple, maintaining the spark is crucial for its survival. Whether you have been together for too long or a few months, you need to make ongoing efforts. Don’t find yourselves living in a monotonous routine or stuck in a loop of recurring problems. From our discussion, it is pretty evident that a happy relationship demands more than elaborate romantic messages and effusive Instagram posts of your partner. Try to keep the fire burning!

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  1. I already read this blog.. Thankyou po dito dahil napaka laking tulong po nito para sa aming lahat . Lalo nat saming mga may karelasyon. Boyfriend/Asawa. Kami po ng asawa ko meron po kaming time sa isat isa. Yun po talaga ang pinaka importante sa isang relasyon. At kung may nagawa man po kami, at nagkasagutan parehas din po kaming humihingi ng sorry sa isat isa . pinaka importante lang din ang pag papakumbaba sa relasyon natin sa mga partner natin para mas tumahal pa ang relasyon natin sa kanila..