Friday, July 17, 2020

Tippy-Toes: Following The Star Fashion In Every Day Footwear

The fashion preferences of celebrities tend to influence our choices to a great extent. In fact, the entire fashion industry is influenced by these trends that celebrities endorse. Be it their choice of apparel, handbags, watches, shoes, or other accessories, we love to flaunt their style and stay on-trend through social media hashtags and fashion blogs.

That’s why it’s important to know what they are wearing, which keeps on changing from time to time. Scroll on to know all about the latest star fashion trends in everyday footwear.

Poppin’ pumps
The bright-colored pumps are being flaunted by celebrities like Yalitza Aparicio and Victoria Beckham in casual airport scenes, as well as major events. They have taken the neutral, corporate pumps a notch up and are being widely accepted for their newly-found vibrancy. Pair it up with dark-colored apparel, and the contrasting appeal will enhance your beauty.

White angels
The bright white shoes are in, and celebrities everywhere are flaunting it as a contrast to bright surroundings. Be it fall or summer, the white sneaks, mules, and boots have become a staple for celebrities and fashionistas like Paloma Elsesser and Yara Shahidi. You can visit here and check out some trendy styles for everyday wear to stay updated with the star fashion trends.

Unconventional sneaks
Also known as the statement sneaks, these are different from the rest. A tweak here, and a tweak there, and an all-new look is created. Try them once, and you can feel how cool they are, just like Gigi Hadid did.

Comfy, cool, and trendy, these are best suited for people, who don’t like wearing heels. The anti-heel squad (in a light tone) will find these loafers extremely comfortable for travel or everyday wear. These look best with both jeans and minis and knee-length gowns, or any other form of apparel. Be it a corporate event or a house party, you can don these to any occasion.

The square toe
This is actually a 90s trend that has come back again to complement the fashion of celebrities like Gregory Pace and others. Besides looking unique, they can be donned with any outfit and to any event, provided you pick the right color of apparel and accessories.

For glamorous events. parties and get-togethers, you can put on a pair of crystal-adorned pumps or sandals to complement your otherwise simplistic attire. These shoes are treated as jewelry accessories that take the style quotient to another level altogether. Rosie-Huntington Whiteley or Ashley Graham, celebrities mostly prefer to wear these shoes to pose contrast with black and other darker shades of apparel.

Furry feet
Casual and nonchalant, the furry slippers are known for their inherent comfort and cool appearance. Celebrities like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner have been flaunting this style recently with tracksuits and cool Ts. You can don them to a family get-together or a shopping date without seeming overboard.

Wrapping it up
No matter which style you wish to go for, make sure you choose a pair of footwear that actually complements your fashion outlook. The dress you wear, or the shoes you put on say a lot about you in general, so fashion should be a conscious decision.

* photo via pixabay

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