Friday, September 06, 2019


Love chips? I do! Thursday last week, I attended the first-ever media launch of Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolate Bars. Some of you might have tried it, while some may have not pa. I have tasted once the Wackie BBQ flavor which I got surprised that its manufacturer Yan Yan International is the same one with that of the sari-sari store's famous chichirya > Lumpia Shanghai. Familiar? 

What I'm happy about is that Wackie Corn Chips introduces their very own salted egg corn chips flavor— the first-ever corn chips in the market that's salted egg flavored.  It's my fave among all the flavors, and currently their best seller. 

Other Wackie Corn Chips flavors are Cheese, BBQ, Wasabi, Hot Chili,  and Turkey. 

Wackie Corn Chips are made of food-grade corn. You can relish the crunchiness of the natural corn. Mr. Lito Chua, President of Yan Yan International (Phils.), Inc. mentioned that  "We invest in the quality of our products. We really go out of our way to source the best ingredients, find the best technology that processes the food, and make sure that they are safe, healthy and fun to eat."

Now, what if I tell you, ang sarap kumain ng chips pag may kasabay na chocolate? Agree ka din? Netflix and chill na talaga right. Which chocolate is your fave? Milk Chocolate? Dark Chocolate?

At the launch, it was actually the first time I had tasted this Harry Chocolates — and ang sarrrap. If you will let me choose nga, I would tell you na 'don't let me choose na lang coz' I want them all!!!  Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, with Rice Crispies lahat masarap, l!

No wonder Harry Chocolate bars captured my taste buds right away.

For decades,Yan Yan International (Phils.), Inc. has been a provider of many snack foods, beverages, and bread that have catered to the Filipino taste. Its range of products include Koolers and Quench juice drinks, King Corn, Sugpo, Yum Shots, Venus Chocolates, Mi Amore Chocolates, Choco Power, Crispynets, Choco Loops, Happy Club, Pam Pam, Whimsy Wafer Sticks, Mini Pillow Wafer, Finger Snacks, Wookie Cookie, Cheep Chips, and Melle's Bread Butter Cheese Loaf.

You can find Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolates in 7Eleven, MiniStop, Alfa Mart, All Day, Puregold, SM Supermarket, SM Snack Exchange, SM Hypermart, South Supermarket, Isetan, Landmark, Super 8, SRS, Cash and Carry, Unitop, Unimart, Hi-Top, and Budget King. Yan Yan has also been exporting Harry Chocolates and Wackie Corn Chips abroad.

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