Monday, September 16, 2019


Last Tuesday, September 10 ~in celebration of Duck Day Manila and the brand launch of the finest duck brand Dalee to the Philippines was attended by celebrities, businessmen, and notable persons including the media at Conrad Hotel and Resorts.

Leading Manila-based exporter Donny’s Choice, the Philippines largest Seafood Company collaborated together with Thailand’s biggest duck meat provider~ BR Group of Companies where both companies officially brought Dalee brand here in the country.

We all know that a Duck is an elegant cuisine— the reason why most of the times having one on hand is quite hard due to the minimal supply in the country. But now with this launch, I am happy to share that quality frozen pre-cut duck products will now be available in leading supermarkets. :) 

Donny's Choice verey own Mr. Donny Yeung
I am among the guests who went on a feast on the specialty duck menu thru a generous and splendid food plating and tasting prepared by Pinoy Celebrity Chefs Boy Logro, Rosebud Benitez and Gene Gonzalez. Every dish was fused with Filipino cuisine— had a succulent pink flesh and savory fats. 

Thai Celebrity Chef Willment Leong also graced the event with his expertise in duck courses. He served a variety of dishes that left the guests in awe and utterly satisfied.

Here are just some of the Frozen Duck Products that can be purchased in leading Supermarket! Check it out...

Also, check out the photo below. >>> These are samples on how you can cook Cook the Duck Products at the comfort of your home.

Duck Day Manila is only the beginning of a yearly celebration as Donny’s Choice aims to make September 10 as National Duck Day in the Philippines with the official declaration of Office of the President and National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

Tawag ng Tanghalan Grand Champion Janin Berdin and the Philippine Barangay Folk Dance Troupe wowed the crowd with an amazing performance.

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