Friday, May 17, 2019


While some kids spent their vacations glued to their gadgets, there are other kids who joined Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp this summer, the breeding ground for talented children in the arts, dance, and music. 

Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp, now on its 7th season, continues to provide parents with venues for a much more productive summer break for their children. With hundreds who join every year, these kids look forward to the camp as a stepping stone to reach their dreams of shining in their respective fields of interest. 

For kids like Rhian Udalve (10y.o), Geof Liwanag (9.yo), and Jade Lawrence Yusiong this summer was all about honing her skills in dance arts and music. 

Promil Four’s i-Shine 7 Dance Camp taught all these i-Shiner kids hip-hop moves that they picked up from the talented G-Force choreographers.

Several kids who made the most of summer vacation spent their break thinking outside the box at Promil Four’s i-Shine 7 Art Camp. Mentored by teachers Robert Alejandro and Kara Escay, Art Camp is a place where children have fun exploring, growing, and learning about themselves, the people, and the world around them. 

Indeed, growing is an integral lesson in the camps. This new environment gave them the chance to try and take on new challenges and pick up new skills. As they do this, they discovered, explored and honed their musical gifts. Mentored by none other than National Artist Ryan Cayabyab himself and teachers from his Music School, the kids who are into music had the time of their lives discovering and developing their crafts. 

As Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp stays true to its mission of nurturing the gift, the next generation of awe-inspiring kids was guided by some of the country’s finest experts and mentors to help them reach their full potential through mental, physical, and social stimulation workshops. 

After a summer of unique learning and growth opportunities, Promil Four i-Shiners finally graduated and had their recital from the camps with more than just new relationships last May 10, 2019, held at SMX in SM Aura. They learned to cooperate with and respect others, as well as take responsibility as young individuals. Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp experience gave them the advantage to shine not just on stage or in the studio, but also in life.

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