Saturday, May 11, 2019


Two days ago we were invited by SMDC Grace Mall (located right before Acacia Estates in Taguig) for a pampering experience. This mall pala is a hidden gem in the area kasi I never thought that they have almost everything you need for wellness.

I frequently pass by the area, but in all honesty, never did it crossed my mind talaga that this mall provides merchants that could cater to one's needs. 

From salon to make you look good, massage to relax you when you need it, facial and lash services to enhance what you got, dental services for your dental needs, a gym so you can keep up with your active lifestyle and coffee shops + restaurant so you can have a place to catch up or simply dine in with your family and friends — so I simply say: you name it they have it.

And to share with you about the wonderful experience I had~ I documented it through a few photos and video diary:

My day started with a hearty lunch with this bunch.

As soon as we finished lunch, our next stop was in Mont Albo Massage.

As you see, my blogger momma' friends and I were "all smiles" coz' we are about to experience some me-time that time! Makakapag-relax din ang mga busy as eva' mums!

And I mean this kaya I'm stressing it out: if you are a mom, treat yourself to a once in a while body massage, coz' trust me, your body needs it talaga.

Exhibit A:  "hilot massage" at Mont Albo
I tried their "hilot massage"for this session. Though this is not my first time at Mont Albo ~ this is the first time to try this technique.

I'm always all for their Swedish massage, but at the end of my session, I'm already sure that it is already my fave out of the massage services that they offer. 

WATCH a short video of my "hilot massage" session here.

Sobrang na-relax ako....

Next session:  I visited Asia's Lashes.

Asia's Lashes in Grace Mall has posh treatment rooms. 

I availed their Basic facial with a diamond peel to clear out my skin.

WATCH a short video of my facial session here.

I also availed their IPL services for the upper lip and underarms. I shall come back after 10days for the following session.

I really enjoyed the services. 

We were lucky coz' we were personally assisted by the Asias Lashes Franchise owner herself~ Ms. Maricor Gerstenlauer (in blue in the middle)

As I walk to the parking lot after the services I availed, I noticed as well the presence of Dental Care Clinic for dental service and David's Salon.

So overall, I am pretty sure that each time I will be in the area and I have time to spare naman, now alam ko na! I now know that there are amazing merchants that are available within my reach. 

Thank you SMDC, Grace Mall, @officialasiaslashesgracemall, @montalbospas, @dentacare_philippines, Davids Salon for the advance pampering treat for Mother’s Day! 

Me like eeet so much!

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