Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Two weeks ago,  I further learned a lot about premature ageing's effects and how we can prevent and fight it.

Did you know that our body can age faster than our real age? The event that I attended that was hosted by Anlene reminded me about the importance of looking after ourselves with our lifestyle choices >>> That is by choosing the food we eat and drink,  be conscious on how much sleep we get daily and be aware that we should always keep moving through physical activity~ (yep, it matters talaga!).

Did you know that more than half of working Filipinos, their body age, which measures biological age depending on overall health and fitness, is older than their real age. Gaaad, that means about 60% of the Filipino workforce is ageing prematurely.

Premature ageing is oftentimes the underlying cause of exhaustion, affecting energy levels, productivity and the ability to do things you enjoy. It is largely brought about by lifestyle and diet choices, as more and more people choose convenience over healthy food options, and lack sleep and good quality rest.

During the event, they have introduced Anlene which has championed healthy ageing among adults of all ages for almost 30 years.  Anlene offers a range of milk products that strengthen bones, joints, and muscles to enable movement that’s critical to healthy ageing. 

And as you drink Anlene, each glass provides you with:
· Twice the calcium of regular milk and 100% of an adult’s daily calcium needs
· High protein for muscle development
· Collagen, unlike other milk brands

To learn more about Anlene, visit

Fellow gals—together, let's fight premature ageing, get our much-needed calcium, protein and collagen by trying Anlene. Masarap sya. Available in their Plain, Vanilla and Choco flavor+ the newest White Coffee flavor!

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