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In this gadget-driven environment that we have right now, for sure if you are a parent like me ~ you are also filled with worries about what your kids could browse in their gadgets and what they watch on TV and YouTube. Yup, fellow parents, the truth hurts — there’s really so much stuff that’s unfit for kids to watch on tv these days!

In fact, I just attended a panel discussion which was hosted by ZooMoo last week. The channel is made especially for kids with developing minds which aims to help parents provide more kid-friendly entertainment for their preschoolers and make kids learn more about animals and nature.

If you remember, I wrote something about a new kids channel — ZooMoo around July last year which can be seen and available at Solar Channel.  And just very timely, here I am again bringing it up once again on the blog to somehow ease your worries. Yes, parents !— there is still hope~ meron pa din matino out there for our kids because ZooMoo provides a safe space for your little ones. 

ZooMoo panel discussion was led by journalist and environmental advocate Gregg Yan and lifestyle television host Kelly Misa-Fernandez.
The panel discussion session last week was concentrated for parents and guardians to give us a better understanding of the value and importance of teaching our kids about animals and nature at an early age.  The discussion focused on how parents can help children develop better AQ through different activities that they can do at home, and how ZooMoo provides assistance as the kids learn.

Let's get to know ZooMoo
ZooMoo believes that fun and learning go well together. This English-language based media channel nourishes children’s Animal Quotient (AQ) through its library of shows that capture their attention and awaken their imagination. ZooMoo provides deeper information about animals, their habitats, behaviour, diet, unique traits and characteristics in a simplified yet visual way that is highly appealing to kids.

The advantage of ZooMoo for our children
-Very Suitable for children in their younger years.
-The channel comprises 1,500 self-contained shows combining spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative techniques to create a unique viewing and learning experience for little viewers. 
-ZooMoo’s programming lineup follow five themes: 
  1. explore time, 
  2. create time, 
  3. play time, 
  4. puzzle time
  5. quiet time. 
-The ZooMoo Television Network entertains children with humorous stories about the animal world. Children will build a piece of knowledge and affection for animals, including a basic understanding of conservation. 

Parents can control content— how is that!!
With ZooMoo, parents are encouraged to share their child’s viewing experience which can be more interactive through the revolutionary ZooMoo App. 

This app allows children to continue to interact with the animals they have seen on the network deepening their understanding and enjoyment of them.

The ZooMoo app’s Parent Page offers personalized support for things parents can do with their children to help their learning. Parents can learn about their children's playing sessions, which animals are played with most when animals were unlocked and provide tons of animal facts. These facts help parents engage with their children, so they have information ready to share and learn together.  

Available to download on Google Play and AppStore, this innovative technology serves as a second screen where parents can allow their children to participate in the immersive world of ZooMoo shows on a tablet or smartphones even away from the home television.

With the advent of this new form of programming, ZooMoo helps kids to grow up with a better grasp of the animal world, making them good stewards of this planet.

Once this app has been installed the ZooSyncTM technology does not require an internet connection to function. Make sure this app is running while watching ZooMoo and start your collection of over 100 different animals!

ZooMoo’s program line up is packaged in an easy to understand format that is fun for both parents and kids. SKYcable subscribers can choose to add ZooMoo (channel 120) to their channel line-up for only P20 per month via SKYcable Select.


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  1. korek esp these days Momo Challenge or whatsoever circulating social media , nakakabahala nman talaga atleast eto matutukan natin at they will learn too. Gandang interaction lalo na puro animals kahit ako naexcite for them.

  2. mas maganda to momsh mas madming matututunan mga bata dto at d lng un mas malalamn nila ung mga animals sounds
    photos ang galing ganda nito