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It has been a decade since I gave birth — but I can still clearly recall everything: the challenge of pregnancy, the pain of giving birth, and even the courage of overcoming the surge of emotions brought about by postpartum blues. Indeed, being a mom is no easy task but the mommy inside us can make it lighter should we allow ourselves to be ready for it.

But you know guys, let's face it, after all the struggles and the gastos, minsan me and the husband are already thinking twice about having another baby. Don't get me wrong; we are not even using any birth control method. Actually when our friends ask us why we only have one child, our only answer is, it's probably not the right time…because really, — we are not controlling or anything, sino ba naman ang ayaw, especially, like I said, we only have one kid —sadyang wala lang talaga. But you know what, when we do have baby number 2 (under God's grace), I would like to have my pregnancy requirements to be detailed and planned properly. It's not being maarte or anything, it's just that I was filled with so much information during the recent launch of World Citi Med's new "nature -inspired" Maternity Wing which I was able to attend last week.

At the launch, Word Citi Med gathered their OB-GYNEs and Pediatricians as they simultaneously conducted a Mothers Class on Prenatal Care, Postnatal Care, Breastfeeding, Family Planning, and Nutritional Immunology for pregnant moms who were present that day. Easy-to-grasp and informative, exactly the ones we mommies need especially if we are on our way to having our baby. 

Aside from the Mothers Class, freebies and samples from generous sponsors and event partners were distributed to pregnant moms from The Parenting Emporium, Cetaphil, Beginnings, Pampers, Huggies, Wilkins Pure, Chicco, and Mommytreats.

Ang saya di ba? but wait, there's more — all of us present during the launch had the opportunity to checkout their newest area. 

Come along, and through my eyes, have a tour with me as I was able to document through photos, World Citi Med's “nature-inspired" Maternity wing.


1. Upon getting off the lift, you will be welcomed with this very posh Nurse Station.

2. The hallway is well lit, promoting a light and happy ambiance.

3. It is uniquely decorated with frames and photographs full of positive quotes, and bible verses.

4. It has a dedicated breastfeeding station. I am an advocate of breastfeeding—I actually read a lot of articles about breast pump reviews back then so I am just glad that this hospital supports breastfeeding too and has specifically put up a dedicated room for that.

5. Variety of Maternity rooms are available – Mommy patients may choose from their Ward, Private and Maternity suite rooms.
Take a look at their Private Room.

6. Room Interiors are creatively designed with floral and light pastel colors that create a happy and relaxing ambiance.
Wards don't even look like one. 

7. Rooms are spacious enough to accommodate mommies, newborns and their loved ones.
My favourite is their Maternity Suite room.

Honestly, it does look like a posh hotel room rather than a hospital room. It has complete amenities such as big-screen television, refrigerator, receiving area and so much more. Parang ang saya tuloy mag-recover dito. hahaha!

Seriously though, when I gave birth to Tammy, the husband got me into a Maternity Suite but it looks nothing like this one at World Citi Med Maternity. The Maternity Suite that I stayed in at that time was nothing fancy — just the typical extra big + suite amenities of a hospital room. 

8. All the Maternity rooms at World Citi Med have wifi-access.

9. All rooms have spacious toilet and bath too.

But of course, all these luxuriously posh room amenities would be nothing if the service will be palpak diba.

10. Beyond the luxurious accommodation lies a great support and service. 

 So here's a round-up of what World Citi Med has to offer aside from the prettyful accommodation:
  • Free Pick-up and Drop-off by the hospital shuttle for patients living within 1 KM Radius
  • Free Access on Maternal Resources (learn online)
  • Free Privilege Card that entitles Maternity Wing patients to discounts on out-patient tests
  • Exclusive Admission & Complimentary Gift Bag
  • Safe and Secure Room through their “keycard/access card system” (sowsyal, parang hotel na)
  • Friendly and Supportive Medical Staff
  • Assistance in Birth Certificate Processing
  • Dedicated Maternity Wing nurse will teach mom and dad how to properly bathe their newborn
  • A lactation Nurse will teach mom how to properly breastfeed and show how a lactation massage is done for optimum breast milk production
  • Hospital dietician will explain in detail mom’s lactation diet complete with caloric count (meals served to mommies that are billeted at the Maternity Wing)

11. They offer affordable Maternity Packages (which didn't increase despite the renovation of the Maternity Wing)

Actually when I saw these packages, I was quite surprised. Kasi seriously mga mamshies, it's affordable and at par with their rates considering it's year 2017 already. My gaaaad, the expenses that I had 10 years ago were even higher than these quoted rates. Can I just go back in time??? haha! 

Kidding aside, I highly recommend this hospital. Whether you are already a mom, a first time mom or even if you are planning to get pregnant, I would suggest that you consider World Citi Med especially if you reside within Quezon City, Marikina, and Antipolo (Sumulong/Marcos Highway).

Here's a Tip: I would suggest that you take and have a look at their prenatal package since they offer a complete package which is available under certain payment terms that would really suit your budget. I guess that was my mistake when I gave birth kaya my bill ballooned. 

If you avail of their packages, you can save up as much as 15% off on prenatal fees which also entitles you to a free Maternity privilege card that offers 10% discount on their partner brands for one (1) year from date of issue, a Mothers book, access to maternal resources and a Mothers Class which they conduct every month.

Oh and I was able to source out this short video. Together, let's watch it mommies:

Questions? you may visit World Citi Med for their Maternity services and packages for a Happy Birth Day! You may also like them on their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram for instant updates.

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  1. Wow Ang Ganda po manganak Jan.. super linis and very agitated home lng Ang ambience. But unluckily nalulungkot ako makakabasa ng about pregnancy ngayon because we loss our newborn baby nong Nov.7 lng.��