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Thursday, July 06, 2017


Isn't it that when we love someone, we do everything and give everything to the one we love? Kayo ba? Paano ba kayo magmahal? They said, when we love someone, we should NOT give our ALL. Mag-tira naman daw ng kahit kaunti para sa sarili. But isn't it easier said than done?

I remember, when I gave my "yes" and agreed to a commitment with my husband, I had this butterflies in my stomach because we were young and free.

I knew then that I will love the man that he always is forever!💖

The younger version of us

I believed in love, the husband believed in love —
which brought us to a lifetime of commitment.

We got married, made a vow to have and to hold from that day forward. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health —'till death do we part.

But you know, in life nothing is certain.

Minsan, dumadating yung point na nagkakainisan kayo or nagkakapikunan kayo. 

One instance where we were having some argument...

.... Or in some case, there would come a time that some couples get cold to each other dahil matagal na magkasama. But as the husband always say: relationship is a give and take thing. If one party is disappointed or mad, the other one should shut up and 'wag ng sumabay sa galit nung isa.

I actually came across a number of people who often ask: what's our secret in keeping a healthy and happy relationship? 

As simple as it is, I answered — trust. We also mastered the art of forgiveness. You should know how to magpakumbaba after a fight. Never ever sleep on a fight. Oh and also, don't forget to add on some spice to keep the fire burning. :p 

We always believed that a never ending love of a wife (that's me) to his husband and vice versa is the best foundation that builds our strong relationship binded by God.

Oh, have you seen one of the viral videos entitled Sayaw?? I actually have been seeing it on my feed before but I chose not to watch it in full kasi I know I would cry na naman. True enough, nung hindi na ako makatiis, I finally watched it in full and I just didn't cry —humagulgol ako guys!!!! 

Watch it here if you haven't yet.

This video is the reason why all of a sudden napa-kwento ako all about my relationship with my husband. It emulates that love has its ups and downs and that there will be challenges which can either make or break us. But despite the challenges and circumstances, every married couple should know that mahalaga ang bawat oras sa buhay ng mag asawa. It is a great realization about the importance of our loved ones. It simply reminds us to stay stronger together no matter what life throws at us. 

As you know, me and my husband are not getting any younger. And again, I would like to give ourselves a pat on our backs for doing the right decision in signing up into an policy some years ago. But as we and our body age, we are looking into upgrading and adding up another one already because at this point in time, a comprehensive life and health protection that covers critical illness is what we need for peace of mind na din. Honestly, when we first got our first insurance policy, we were hesitant in getting one kasi sabi namin, we don't need it because malakas pa naman kami and better if we just invest and place our money in the bank na lang. But this video made me appreciate life so much. I am grateful and I know that getting a comprehensive life and health protection is the right decision. Kasi tama nga, hindi ka kukuha ng policy kasi mamatay ka, but rather kukunin mo sya to invest in protecting your health kasi gusto mo pa mabuhay at makarecover para sa mga "what if's". 

Kaya nga while we are still young and able, we should always be prepared and plan ahead 'cause we never know what will happen next. We should make every waking day as if it is our last and cherish every moment with our love ones coz' tomorrow may never come. Live and love back before its too late. After all, true love can withstand all the highs & lows of life.

Nakakarami na saakin tong mag viral videos na ito especially when it comes in making pa-realize to me life's whatnots. But I am just as grateful because this is really a great reminder not just for me but to all of us to never waste every opportunity given to us may it be it in health, wealth and everything else. 

Indeed, it is always a bright idea to start planning ahead after all, it pays to be healthy, fit and well covered!

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Xoxo, 💋


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