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It has been raining on and off lately. And with the monsoon season coming in, keeping clothes fresh and dry after laundry will definitely be a challenge. Nobody wants to go to work or school with their clothes still smelling as if it were just taken out of the tub right. While there are some who go to the laundromat to get their clothes washed, this option costs as much as Php 40,000 a year— money that could have been saved for a really good washing machine.

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Honestly, I am one of those who goes to laundromats for our laundry because of my belief that with doing it myself by using a washing machine would only spike up our water and electricity bill all the more. But I guess I was wrong! 

Chancing upon Midea, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances — I have learned that  modern washing machines now have become more energy efficient and easier to use. In fact, Midea has been offering Filipino households with home solutions that could take their anxiety off from getting higher energy bills from using washing machines. And they have a lineup of washing machines that are easy to use, which could give everyone at home more time to spend each other’s company and bond over numerous activities.

With a few readings and research, take a look at this guys:

Midea offers a fully automatic top load washing machine with a One Touch Wash Feature. 
With just a push of a button, it can wash, rinse, and spin dry clothes at just Php1 per wash load. It has smart sensors that only put the right amount of water in the tub, which also results to 37% in water savings. 

One very helpful tip though in washing clothes is to prioritize items that need to be washed as soon as possible, such as school or work uniforms, corporate attire, and underwear. Having a separate hamper for those items could also help lessen the time finding them through the laundry.

Midea’s Front Load Washer  could save as much as 70% on water consumption for a complete wash, rinse, and dry cycle by using its Daily Wear setting. 
This could be paired with Midea’s Front Load Dryer, which could sit on top of the washer saving more space especially for condominium dwellers, and dry clothes as fast as 40 minutes at Php 10 in electrical consumption. 

This will keep clothes fresh for the rainy days without the need of hanging them in a clothesline. If you opt for more convenience, you could also get the iAdd Front Load Washing Machine which does all the dosing, saving more laundry products for use at a touch of a button.

Midea also offers their Single Tub Washing Machine for a more budget friendly option.  
Midea Single Tub Washing Machine is also tough with ABS plastic lid and more energy efficient with their 20-cent energy consumption per wash load. With its multi-spoke pulsator, it is gentle on the clothes which makes it always fresh looking. 

A little help from fabric conditioners could make a big difference in hanging the clothes dry indoors. It doesn’t hurt to invest on an indoor rack, especially when the season brings in all the typhoons and heavy rains. Just make sure that the clothes are placed in a well-ventilated area at home to keep the unwanted smell away.

Midea's Twin Tub is perfect if Single Tub is not enough since it does all the wash, rinse, and dry cycles. 
Its dual cleaning motion gets all the cleaning the clothes need with lesser tangles. It is energy efficient just costing “Piso” per wash load for the complete wash and spin cycle. With its Spin Air Dry Feature, Midea has made it possible to dry clothes faster and more efficient to prevent any unwanted smell from drying clothes indoors. 

It is also helpful to note that in spin drying clothes, it is better to fill the tub to its capacity than spin drying in small batches. With less spin cycles, the household could save more from their energy consumption while they are effectively drying most of their clothes.

With Midea’s lineup of washing machines that could provide cleaner and fresher clothes for everyday, we can now be at peace without having to worry about the weather. Families could actually enjoy more time together, even if it is laundry day.

Check more information on Midea’s products via their website at and Facebook page

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