Tuesday, January 10, 2017

NEW YEAR, IMPROVED ME ( + a wishlist guide to achieve that "dewy fresh look"

It's 2017!!! Yay, Happy New Year everyone! 

It was all over the news that most Filipinos welcomed the New Year with full of hope. How did your 2016 wishlist go? Mine? My 2016 was not perfect, but I can call it PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. For whatever it is, with life’s roller coaster ride, again I have learned to become stronger and ehem, experienced....experienced in a way with every aspect of my life. Come to think of it, so many things happened in a period of 1 year and I call everything a blessing may it be a positive one or not.

I am sick at the time when I am writing this and part of my daily prayer is for me to get better na. Coz really, its hard to function well when you are not feeling right diba.

If you are my friend, you would know that I am very particular when it comes to how I present myself. I always see to it that I am very presentable at all times. Lalo na ngayon in a world where social media has been part of our everyday lives. I think each one of us has become experts in making ourselves presentable or are we? 

A lot are considering permanent makeup nowadays. Why? Because of the amount of time that can be cut down substantially. Most women admitted that with their permanent makeup on, it really saves 15 minutes in their weekly routine.

But then again, if you would ask me, I still prefer the simple-finish-fresh look. It would always create a good impression no matter how simple your look may be.

I have always believed that first impressions last thus making myself presentable AT ALL TIMES is a must. So if you are my friend or a follower on social media, you must have noticed that I am not a fan of thick makeups. The simpler, the better. 

Yun na yun. Kayo ba? Which do you prefer?

I have always been a fan and still up to now wonder how Koreans and Japanese maintain their flawless skin (well apart from them having good genes ha). It really makes me wonder coz’ seriously, I am super inggit with their always na lang dewy finish. Yung ang kinis-kinis-always fresh look.

I am actually an avid user of different Japanese and Korean makeup and skin products. Well, you may include Local, US and European brands na. Name it! I tried it. (well not naman everything ha) but to make it short halo-halo na talaga. Haha! 

 Well, there are a lot of pretty good brands pero hiyangan lang talaga. There are a lot of products in the market that has a really good review pero when I tried it, hindi sya compatible on me so it's really a continuous discovery process.

DearBerry RockCat Girl
There’s actually this Korean makeup brand that some of my blogger friends have tried and raving. Since I am a fan of that dewy-fresh finish – I always wanted to try it too. Lucky me, DearBerry is one of the sponsors during one of the Bloggers Christmas Party that I attended and I was able to score one of their most raved product, The RockCat Girl Eye Pencil-

Using the wonders of The RockCat Girl Eye Pencil in this photo and I luvv it..!

No wonder my Blogger friends are raving about it. It does give one that natural finish! Gaaaaad! Check my photo above. It enhanced my kilay and made my features stunning.

I actually want to tryyyy their other products sooo bad. But since 2017 is a tipid year for me, I will try to save up so I can have a makeup fund for the other Dearberry Products.
In case you want to know, and since you now know that I’m a big fan of this “Korean” finish look, here are some of the products that I am eyeing. So it is now part of my wishlist under DearBerry Products:
Berry Bright 3 Set Series
Emulsion, toner and serum to help even out skin tone

Cover Girl BB Primer #2 Natural Beige
Helps cover blemishes naturally.  --  para pak na pak ang "korean" look

Honey Flash Cream
A must-have item to brighten ones face while providing moisture and nourishment.

Magic Oil Control Powder
Most of us needs this as it keeps the skin clear from oil, while eliminating blemishes and dirt

This is self explanatory. It helps eliminate the appearance of pores :)

Starlit Eyeliner (Cinderella)
Starlit Tear Duct Liner is used when applying make-up to specific areas around the eyes, giving them a clean-cut and shimmering look while feeling perfectly moist. - -  O, the shimmer the better natin maaachieve and dewy look ko. :)

Toc-Toc Brusher No. 2 Marshmallow Bunny
It has an easy-to-use (sponge typed) & easy to-carry blusher making cheeks look naturally youthful, anywhere, all the time diba!

Draw It Baby! Lip Crayon No. 6 Cerise
LipCrayon in this pinkish shade para ma meynteyn and pa-cute image :) 

These products are affordable naman so it's actually achievable and not that hard to acquire. Ipon lang talaga. Not to worry guys, I promise you that would be able to get hold some of their products soon. I will save up so I can share it to you too and ma-achieve ko na yung "dewy" - - "dewy" fresh look na yan. Howkey!



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