Wednesday, August 10, 2016


In a rating of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, can you right away tell me that you can give yourself a rating of 10 when it comes to confidence? Is it perfect 10 or is it just 8 or a 5 or 3?

I asked you about confidence 'cause I have been seeing a post all over Facebook about this funny video which I kept on watching each time I encounter it.  I'm sharing it here so you can watch it too.

You may also view the video on their Facebook Page:

Isn't funny? All the time, I thought he was going to propose, hahaha! Sometimes, meron mga bagay  na akala lang talaga natin, yun pala hindi. :-<

You and me could be just laughing it out and yes, the video may be so funny but seriously if we are going to analyse the video, it is actually sending us a message all about confidence, alertness and being prepared by having an instant fresh breath all the time in just 1 #superpump of Swish Breath Spray.

Relate ka ba? Ako, I can super relate especially in the line of business that me and my husband have. We get to talk a lot with different clients all the time and to tell you frankly, there are days when I need someone or something to boost my confidence. Yes, hindi perfect si ate at nakakaramdam din ako ng mga moment na ganyan. 

There are days when I feel just awkward in facing and talking to clients 'cause I feel I'm so panget that day. There are also days naman when I just don't want to talk and mingle 'cause I am just not as confident in socializing because I am conscious as to what my breath would smell~ sige beso-beso ka pa girl ah, after mo kumain ng fresh lumpia" haha ... It's just so awkward right! Especially in my case where I get to attend events where it was always over lunch or over dinner. Tapos ayan na, after I eat, I have to mingle na. 

Shucks, situations like this really makes me cringe. I'm not saying I'm bad breath ah but I'm sure you know what I mean. Yung moment when you just want to hide na lang kasi nga you are not just that confident to talk  because of that feeling na may amoy "lumping sariwa breath" ka. Isang malaking T - O diba!

We are all aware that brushing our teeth is part of our daily hygiene, but there are really cases like when you are at an event, in a meeting or even in a party when you just cannot brush your teeth to freshen up your breath. On these events, Swish Breath Spray really comes in handy as it gives us instant fresh breath in 10 seconds! A life saver huh!

I have been a user of Swish Breath Spray for sometime now and there are several items that I can highlight why I love using it:
- Instant Fresh breath achieved ~ perfect whenever you're on the go.
- It comes very handy. Fits perfectly even on your purse.
- Kills bad breath-causing bacteria so it doesn’t just mask odor.
- It has 2 flavors to choose from: Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh. I love them both!
- It's sugar-free- and alcohol free so it doesn't sting.
- It's affordable.
- Conveniently available in groceries, drugstores and supermarket nationwide.
- It's made by my trusted brand, Unilab so I am worry free.

If you guys felt and experienced some kind of inconvenience worrying about how your breath would smell in a meeting, in a party or in a date ~  Just like George, it's time to run and use Swish Breath Spray too! 

Bring back that confidence by grabbing Swish Breath Spray, #SuperPump, and #SayItWithSwish! Never leave home without it! Definitely a must have item in our Kikay Kits!

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