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In this kind of heat, you need to take care of your skin more so than ever. The time has come when even the indoors can't protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. Daylong is leading the way to pushing for the advocacy of daily sunscreen protection. 

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Photo source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQa3aTVlJ8Q

(Manila, Philippines) At a time when we face an abundance of choices in how, when, and why we use products, so have sunscreen products slowly evolved from being solely used at the beach during summertime to a daily skin care staple. The message is clear: not only is it important to prevent sunburn, it is equally important to prevent rapid skin aging and deeper cellular damage.

Daylong, a dermatological suncare brand from the makers of Cetaphil, is the first to explicitly advocate daily sunscreen application. In its recent efforts to support its cause, Daylong conducted a UV-exposure study to investigate whether the outdoor sun at the beach shows the same level of strength in the city – even when indoors.

Together with five Filipina urbanites – Jaymie Pizarro, Jackie Go, Marj Sia, Janeena Chan, and Marie Lozano – Daylong used sun sensors to track daily UV exposures in Metro Manila for a week. From day to night, their daily activities were recorded, even when indoors.

The study showed that in Metro Manila, the daily UV Index recorded reaches up to 10 from 12nn to 1pm, which places a ‘Very High’ risk from unprotected sun exposure. Comparing the city’s UV index to Caticlan (Boracay) and El Nido (Palawan), and data showed both summer destinations also reach UV Index 10 during the same hours.

Daylong also found out that despite staying indoors, the women registered UV readings. Whether clear or cloudy weather, UV solar radiation remains strong, and it can penetrate windows. Indoor light sources, even at night, have also been revealed to contribute to UV exposure 
Daylong used the World Health Organization UV Index ranging from 1 to 11, with 11 indicating ‘Extreme’ UV exposure.

We understand that unprotected sun exposure, indoors or outdoors, causes skin damage down to the cellular level. And this means premature skin aging, DNA damage and worse, skin cancer. It’s not just about sunburn” says Jon Lee, Daylong Brand Manager. “Daylong is a dermatological suncare brand that can help prevent all these because it is clinically proven to protect all the way to the skin’s DNA and cellular level. This is why we began the advocacy of daily sunscreen protection – to ensure that everyone’s skin stays healthy, whether they are in the city or at the beach.”

Daylong’s daily sunscreen protection advocacy can be viewed online at www.Daylong.ph, and on Daylong Philippines’ social media pages: DaylongPH on Facebook and @DaylongPH on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out the advocacy through this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQa3aTVlJ8Q


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