Monday, June 09, 2014


You might have noticed that I have not been blogging for more than a month now. It is because I have been occupied with a lot of things. Seriously, I have a lot of things laid in my hands. SO many that at times I do not know which are the ones should I do first. SO many that I feel like I have taken a lot of them for granted. SO many that my concentration is no longer focused. SO many that most of the time I felt like choking up already.

Have you ever felt the same way? or felt it at least once in your life? 'Coz I did! 

But BOOM! One day, I woke up from the deepest slumber from which I didn't know I have placed myself into. And I said the things that are happening to me should not be happening anymore. Because a lot of things have been taken for granted already. A lot of them was left NOT prioritized. A lot of them was set-aside.

And so, I am marking today as the day where I have the best opportunity to start over. A totally clean slate wherein I'm giving myself the chance to do better in everything I do. I know to most of us, it is only during every new year where we set ourselves for wonderful new possibilities but in our real lives, we could always do this any time of the year. 

Here are some list which I prepared, and I called it, 


1. Re-evaluate your life - Assess things in your life. Are you happy? Are you loved? Do you feel good on how you treat others or your family so to speak? If not, write down things on where you can improve.
2. Give and set yourself a realistic goal - what are the things that you want to achieve? what are your plans? Are these plans concrete? Assess all of it, eliminate the unnecessary ones then set a realistic time frame to avoid giving up before the said goals are done.
3. Options.Options. Options - Set yourself some options. Months ago, my goal was to have a changed routine and be healthy. I planned to do this in two ways. I enrolled myself to yoga classes and the other was to start eating healthy. The Yoga classes didn't go well due to my lack of time in going to the studio but the other option of eating healthy succeeded and continued.
4. Know the meaning of catch up - Last year, one of my goals was to be one of the most successful online sellers on Instagram. And to be considered successful, you have to keep up and communicate with your followers constantly. There are some days when my schedule gets really tight and I wasn't able to post so I fell behind. However, because the said goal was so important to me - I kept at it and made a way to catch up each time I got behind. Little did I know, I became one of the lucky Instagram sellers who was chosen to be featured by Ms. Kris Aquino in her famous TV show, "KrisTv" in their segment "Online goes onground".
5. Get a Partner - Having someone to talk to and discussing the follow-through of your goals with someone helps a lot. Your chosen partner will help encourage you to reach your goal. After -all, in almost all aspect, it is so much easier to achieve or do something if you're doing it with someone.
6. Value the Process of your Goal - Some of us gets so focused that we tend to neglect the real meaning why we really want to reach a certain goal. Say, my goal last time was to be fit and healthy, and the best to achieve it was when I got engaged in yoga and eating healthy. But along the process of my goal, I should have learned how to appreciate the benefits of my goal. So it is not just merely being fit and healthy, but also having the benefit of increasing my energy, improved sense- of well being, looking good and the reassurance of knowing that I am in better health.
7. Know and Learn from your Mistakes - All of us fail on our certain goals. But this doesn't mean that we are already a failure. Many have said that the path to success normally includes failures along the way and acceptance is the key. When you have this acceptance, you would learn to treat your failures as a learning opportunity. Go on, pick up the pieces and try once again. Maybe, it would work on a different approach. I know its easier said than done but once you have accepted it, it will flow smoothly. It really takes a dose of courage and a lot of humility to learn from our mistakes and ask for help.

That's it! Hope the list would help get you fresh and start anew. 

As to myself, I'm starting it with my blog then the rest on my list follows. I'm giving my blog a new focus, a new transformation, a new title - - thus it's now entitled FRESH RESTART :)

Until my next! :) 


  1. it is an inspirational post. yeah I agree about setting realistic goals in a clear time limitation plus have a partner to talk, discuss and more. love this post.

    let's support each other :)

    1. Hello be likealady! Thank you so much for your comment. It actually makes me happy knowing that I could inspire some readers out of my posts.... xoxo!