Wednesday, May 28, 2014

REVIEW: Super Strength Whitening soap and body scrub (SKIN UNIQUE)

Have you tried (at least once in your life) specialty soaps or beauty soaps? I'm sure you do.

Whitening soap, Lightening soap, Kojic Acid soap, Kalamansi soap, Papaya soap, Peeling soap, and Gluthathione soap - - whichever way the manufacturers would call it, end result is, all are skin enhancers ("pampa-beauty" for the skin).

I have tried a lot, no doubt.  From the ones that are available in the beauty section of grocery stores up to the ones that are formulated exclusively for dermatologists. And I could say I am lucky because I have not experienced a single allergic reaction towards these products.

Anyway, at the middle of this month, I got to receive some "pampa-beauty" products from Hanna of Skin Unique. I receive several pieces of their Stripes Soap and their newly introduced Strawee Scrub.


Here's what the 2 products claim:

- a full strength super whitening soap
- 3 tone
- glutablend
- organic
- very effective lightening and bleaching with gentle micro-peeling effect for glowing and silky skin.

- creamy and full of scrub beads
- deep cleansing formula
- gently exfoliates
- removes dull dead skin cells
- instantly reveals smooth, radiant and healthy looking skin.

For more than a week now, I have been consistently using the products and here's what I can say:

What I love about the STRIPES SOAP:
1. It smells so good. Smells like a combination of melon and papaya.
2. It doesn't sting (unlike the other whitening soaps that I tried previously). A big star for that.
3. Can be used for the face and body.
4. My skin feels so soft after each use.
5. Micro-peeling of skin is present.
6. My skin did lighten -up :)
7. It is organic.

When using the stripes soap, when the skin is already wet, make a lather (best when used with a bath sponge). Leave it atleast 3 minutes in the body and 1-2 minutes in the face to achieve better effects.  Rinse. Then repeat as necessary. To achieve best results, you may use it twice a day or every time you take a shower.

Budget tip ("tipid tip") - Cut the soap into 6-8 pieces for it to last longer

What I love about the STRAWEE SCRUB:
1. I feel so fresh all the time with its strawberry scent.
2. Removes my dead skin cells.
3. The amount of micro beads in the container is just enough so it is gentle on the skin.

What I don't like about the STRIPES SOAP AND THE STRAWEE SCRUB:
- None except that the Strawee scrub is currently out of stock :(

The photo above was taken last night (raw shot and without filter) - - 12th day with consistent use of the products.

So why else would I not like a product like these two. Not only did it made my skin soft and smooth.  It is really glowing. Do you agree? :)

Interested in the product? You may contact Skin Unique PH and look for Hannah at 0915-4728545 or visit their fanpage here or follow their instagram account here.

Have a glowing Tuesday everyone!

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  1. I'm also using the same soap and I love it! I love the smell and the fact that it doesn't sting unlike other whitening soaps...