Monday, September 25, 2023

11 Years of Luminisce: The Evolution Just Keeps Getting Better

It's been an incredible 11 years of constant development, innovation, and advocacy for a holistic approach to beauty. Luminisce goal has always been to really improve the lives of our #SKINvestors. As Dr. Kaycee Reyes says, “life is about continuously making yourself better, not just by improving your looks, but also making yourself better in each aspect of your life.”

For 11 years, Doc Kaycee and the Luminisce team have been creating bespoke treatment programs that never fail to take into consideration each #SKINvestors lifestyle. Whether that’s taking into consideration the amount of time they have to dedicate to taking care of their skin, their priorities in their personal lives or careers, or their preferences when it comes to their desired results, each program is specifically crafted to help each and every one thrive.

11 is said to be the number for dreams coming true, and for Luminisce, it truly has. In 2012, the flagship clinic, Luminisce BGC, opened its doors with Doc Kaycee at the helm. Armed with a list of core treatments and top-of-the-line tech, Doc Kaycee developed a loyal following of #SKINvestors who believed in her approach: she is a wellness and preventative medicine doctor, after all, and this helped set Luminisce apart from other dermatology clinics.

11 years later, Luminisce now has three branches: Luminisce BGC, Luminisce Podium, and Luminisce Alabang with a growing team of doctors and estheticians trained in holistic skincare. The clinic has never stopped evolving, with the doctors constantly learning the newest techniques and being a pioneer clinic for all the latest technologies that make treatments safer than ever and the results better than ever.

To celebrate 11 years, Luminisce is sharing the gift of beauty with all #SKINvestors through exciting promos:

● Up To 20% OFF
○ Treatment vouchers you can save for a later date

● Buy 11 Treatments, Get 11 Treatments
○ Choose at least 4 kinds of treatments across each of the categories tightening, lifting, contouring, brightening, acne, scars, and underarms. The best part is that you can buy as many sets as you want to, they never expire, and you can share these with your friends and family as gifts.

● Buy 11 Luminisce Products, Get 11 Luminisce Products
○ Stock up on your favorite skincare! They also make the perfect stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season.

● Get the exact treatments your favorite celebrity #SKINvestors did at huge discounts
○ This includes Camille Prats’ Lifted and Youthful Glow Program: A-Visit Program that Refreshes, Rewinds, and Renews skin for only 170k (Save 45k), Toni Sia’s Contoured, Tight, And Poreless Program: A-7 Visit Program that Refreshes, Rewinds, and Renews skin for only 173k (Save 49k), JC de Vera’s Poreless Skin and Sexy Jawline Program: A 6-Visit Plan that Refreshes, Retightens, and Refills skin for only 265k (Save 49k), and so much more.

● DKC Bespoke Treatment Plans at Big Discounts
○ Whether you’re a Bride-to-be or have been dreaming of a snatched face for a while, there’s no better time to get one of Doc Kaycee’s bespoke programs

It’s time to get your own bespoke treatment plan at Luminisce. Contact us through the number below, or feel free to pay one of our branches a visit. We’re excited to celebrate with you soon.

You can contact Luminisce Patient Support Hotline at 0977-804-4601 or Email: or visit their website: for more information.

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