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My Lip Filler Journey with Luminisce' Lumi Lips

Women used to have just collagen as a choice — gone are the days when women had this as the only option. Have you ever considered Lip filler to enhance your lips, especially in this day and age when fuller, plumper lips are frequently seen as younger than your real age and enhancements are simply within our reach?

I'm sure you have at least the slightest idea about it, but for context, lip filler is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a gel-like substance into the lips to enhance their size, shape, and volume. 

The most commonly used filler for this procedure is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that helps to hydrate and plump the skin. The procedure is typically and should only be performed by a qualified medical professional such as a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or aesthetician.

Honestly, I never saw myself indulging in lip fillers not until Thursday last week, haha! Don't get me wrong, I've always enjoyed experimenting with how I look— I'm actually open to anything: from nail extensions, and eyelash extensions to permanent hair color~ bright hair colors to say the least! Oh, wait! Not anything pala coz' I do NOT take big risks with my face. The only procedures I've done with my face are the none invasive to minimally-invasive ones such as lasers and a few botox injections and the like. I did, however, finally mustered up the courage last Thursday to make a few small adjustments, starting out with lip fillers. 

Yup, I finally did it! 

But to be honest, lip filler is one of the procedures I thought I would have never gotten into because of the bruising and anything swollen experience after. Having not-so-pouty lips was never an issue of mine, but being a not-so-young woman anymore and living in the age of social media and filters, and having the privilege to be connected with Luminisce, a reputable clinic with certified board and experienced doctors ~ are the factors that made me do it.

At Luminisce, I met Dr. Kaycee, Dr Ceejay, and Dr. Pauline last Thursday as this was the day when they introduced LUMI Lips X Teosyal. While Lip filler is a safe, no-downtime procedure, it does require an experienced injector. Luminisce's experts are qualified to examine your face as well as consider your goals. Luminisce injectors will be able to decide the brand of filler to use based on the patient's goals and what is achievable. They believe in a bespoke approach and are quite cautious about the amount of filler utilized and the technique to be applied. The end result can be huge and plump, or subtle and natural. 

They only use the best brands, and select brands based on their specific properties and how they help towards their goal. Aside from Teosyal, they use other top filler brands like Juvederm and Belotero. For patients seeking definition, focusing on a contoured pout and clearly defined vermilion borders and cupids bow they use Belotero Juvederm Volift, Belotero Intense, and Teosyal RHA 4. For those looking for something more understated and undeniably natural looking, they use less viscous forms of filler such as Juvederm Volbella, Belotero Balance, and RHA 2. For some, the use of one or the other may be more appropriate, and for others, a combination may be best. All of their chosen brands will make your lips look healthy, hydrated, and youthful.

Here's a rundown of my Journey:

I turned up at one of the rooms of Luminisce and filled out a medical questionnaire. After which, they clean my face and then popped the numbing cream. 

Dr. Ceejay was my injector and I felt completely at ease in her hands. (She and Doc Kaycee was the one who handled my Melasma treatment journey, so talagang panatag ang loob ko into jumping the Lumi Lip experience). 

Doc Ceejay understood exactly what I was going for— noticeablebut not too noticeable

What I like best about them is that they always aim to bring symmetry to your face and enhance your own facial features. 

The Lumi Lips Luminisce Bespoke Technique also uses this rule to keep the fillers looking natural: the top lip must always look slightly more projected than the lower lip by one to two millimeters.

The needles frightened me at first, but a combination of numbing ointment and Doc Ceejay's extremely gentle touch resulted in almost little discomfort plus Teosyal fillers contain a numbing medication to create a more painless procedure. 

The process was actually easy and took close to 30 minutes max!!! 

Immediately: Post-Injection:

Does it hurt? NO! I just know that she was injecting the filler as she does her "art" to my lips and I did not feel any poking pain. I guess, I felt a bit of discomfort perhaps because I thought about the needles lang talaga and to rate the said discomfort from 1-10, I could say it's just 2 out of 10.

I adore my lips! I can't believe I was so terrified of doing this. They don't appear "overdone," and I even drove myself back home. 

** Lumi Lips procedure cost varies depending on the type and brand. In my case, the cost is PhP 35,000. using the Teosyal RHA3 brand.

Actually, they were not able to use all of Teosyal RH3 dermal filler on my lips so they used the remaining Teosyal RH3 dermal filler to my nasolabial fold as suggested by Doc Kaycee so as to utilize the remaining filler. :) ~ Thanks Doc Kaycee for this, now, I feel 10 years younger, heehee! 💓

The above photo is about 5 hours after the procedure ....  soooo nice! I'm loving it!

Later That Night: The "Uglies" Start

I put on an ice pack to decrease swelling and bruising as directed by Luminisce. I also avoided massaging my lips within the first 6 hours after the procedure but I made sure I clean my lips with a Cetaphil unscented facewash after I ate. I experienced some tenderness so I made sure to be very gentle while I brushed my teeth and washed my face after fillers. I also read that I should sleep with two pillows to keep elevated and wake up less puffy, so I did. 

Day 1: Bruising and Swelling 

I saw visible bruising, swelling, and lumpiness. I spent the whole day icing during my free time and felt that eating and drinking is weird. 

Day 2: Harder Purplish lumps on the road

As much as I would like to not leave the house, I have no choice so I shrugged it off, and faced the world with lip balm as my armor, haha!  

I was super sure that my bruising is worse than average and I have several hard, purple lumps at the injection sites. To be quite frank, at this stage, I was second-guessing myself on this lip filler thingy.  (I feel panget and everything, hahahuhu!).

Day 3: Out and about

Just like yesterday, I had no choice but to go out. I actually saw a friend who told me my lips look great. Still, they feel so weird and swollen, though! (Yesterday, mejo pinagiisipan ko pa na sana hindi na lang ako nagpa-lip filler, but today, I'm SECRETLY LOVING the POUT, haha!) 💋👄

I was in touch with Doc Ceejay and asked if I should massage my lips coz' there are areas where I feel they are lumpy. I told Doc that all is well when my mouth is relaxed, but I saw that there was a blob of filler that is still evident on the left area of my upper left lip. She told me, yes, I should massage and that this "lumpy -feeling" is normal.

For comparison: Left: My lips pre-filler | Right: Day 3 after lip filler
Day 4: Swelling is going down

The bruising is still apparent, but the swelling is decreasing day by day. However, I can see my lips get uneven.

Day 5&6: It has Subsided

Feeling a bit confident on these days already, I started to wear lippies! Purplish lumps and swelling subsided. 

Day 7: Confidence boosted

At this point, the lumpiness on the left area of my upper lip is my only concern. There are still areas that feel a bit hard, (particularly the upper lips that are near the skin area and the middle part of the lower lip) but hey, it's completely okay. 

I feel pretty already! 👄👩

Day 8&9: Massage, Massage, Massage

I'm massaging, and every day the lumpiness gets better. I'm in love. 

Day 10: Isn't She Lovely

No bruising, unevenness, or ugliness. Just a little tightness and hardness pa on the upper lips that are near the skin area and the middle part of the lower lip.

I am actually on day 10 as I publish this blog and I SUPER LOVE my lips! 

I'm really loving that side-profile pout! 👄

I will come back here to give you an update on my journey in the next coming days. 

If you are truly considering having a lip filler procedure, you should not shop around for the best price. It is always better to consult with a reputable clinic and doctors who have extensive knowledge in this field.

If there's anything I learn in this journey is to TRUST THE PROCESS! Bruising, swelling, lumps bumps, and small nodules are completely normal after lip filler. Lip swelling is at its worst the first day after injection, especially in the morning. Swelling should reduce after 2-3 days of lip filler treatment and as advised should subside completely within 2 weeks post-treatment. Overall, the most significant benefit of lip fillers is that they will significantly improve your smile and make you look much younger, more attractive, and healthier. 

Ultimately, the type of lips one should aim for to create balance will vary based on anatomical characteristics, gender, and ethnicity, and this applies to both men and women. Because this is the case, it is always important for Luminisce to be able to fully discuss goals and set expectations, so that everyone’s on the same page and path to success.

You may get your own bespoke customized treatment plan for your lips and experience how they can help you get a beautiful and charming smile at Luminisce.

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