Friday, July 15, 2022

7 amazing tips that will help us sail through the rainy season without much trouble

Rainy months are always a pleasant relief following our country's searing heat. Many of us cherish the chance to have a cup of coffee, a bowl of hot soup, and quality time with loved ones when it rains. I mean who doesn’t love a perfect rainy day with some hot chocolate— it's always been a fave of my teen! While rainy weather might be delightful, we can't deny that flu and other ailments are widespread at this time of year, especially for our kids.

Here are some recommendations on how to keep your children healthy during the rainy season. These will enable us to get through the monsoon season without much trouble and will definitely help make your wet months more illness-proof:


1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Staying hydrated during the rainy should be a top concern because it aids in the fight against flu and cough. 

Drinking water will aid in the removal of toxins from the body. And since the rainy season in our part of the world may result in an increase in waterborne diseases, we have to make sure that our kids drink purified water. 


2. Serve fresh, nutritious, and cooked food.

My teen daughter loves ordering food delivered thru grabfood but there is nothing better than home-cooked meals! During this time of year, typhoid fever is common. It is thought to be caused by the consumption of contaminated food and water. I'm not saying that food ordered from restaurants can bring typhoid fever but if we can, we can remind them to stay away from it as raw vegetables and fruits tend to get contaminated very fast. I'm sure your kids will understand, after -all there is nothing better than freshly cooked food at home! Yogurt, citrus fruits, broccoli, and spinach will help your child's immune system.


3. Sanitize often.

During the rainy season, germs tend to thrive more. This is why it is critical to remind our kids to wash hands before eating or touching their faces. Additional tip: Always let them keep a sanitizer or alcohol in their bags so they have it ready in case they are outside your home.


4. Proper attention to clothes.

Special attention to the clothes and footwear should be taken as even slightly damp clothes can lead to fungal infection. My daughter Tammy is already a teen, but I still do remind her from time to time to wear loose, cotton garments because it works best for this season since they absorb perspiration and allow the skin to breathe more.


5. Outside activities should be coordinated with the weather.

With the restrictions slowly being lifted and things are slowly getting back to normal, once in awhile my daughter ask permission to hang out with her friends. Sure— games, socialization etc are very beneficial to our children's overall development especially their mental health nowadays, however if it’s the rain is pouring heavily, our kids must be prevented from going outdoors.


6. Taking a bath twice a day feels good

We must always maintain a clean and dry environment. Infections can always occur as a result of sweat and filth induced by humidity. A morning and evening shower for us and for our kids can help us fight infections and strengthen our immunity.


7. Take extra vitamins

Aside from letting our kids eat nutritious food, and drink lots of water, we should load them up on vitamin C. We all know that boosting up our immune system during this wet season is needed more than ever especially since the Covid threat is far from over! 

To keep me and my family protected, I guard our health at all times. I make sure we take our daily dose of Dayzinc—it keeps us away from any vitamin deficiencies, thus helping us stay active and healthy. 

Dayzinc is a synergy of Vitamin C and Zinc for an immune-boosting action for the entire family to ensure Zinc-gurado protection! It contains 50% sodium ascorbate, a non-acidic type of Vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach and can be taken on an empty stomach. 

I love that Dayzinc has a complete line for the whole family. It is available in oral drops, syrup, chewable tablets & capsules which can be given to infants up to adults that can be purchased in major drugstores nationwide such as Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, and TGP.


We should never ever put our guards down! All these tips will help boost our immune system against possible flu and viruses caused by the rainy season. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is always preferable to keep our families safe and protected regardless of the season.

May we all have a healthy and fun rainy season!

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