Sunday, June 26, 2022

4 Rules to Consider When Shopping for Expensive Engagement Rings

Does a 14k Rose Golf Esme engagement ring portray your love for your fiancée? Or do you wish to go for something more expensive to prove your commitment, dedication, and undying love? If the latter is the case, you have work to do.

A lot of your work will involve researching the ideal ring to purchase. You'll also need to consider a few factors which will guide and streamline your purchasing decision. The goal is to ensure that you make the right investment and choose the perfect stone for your budget and your significant other.

Consider these four rules when shopping for expensive engagement rings.

1. Know Your Budget

Unless you print money somewhere in your home, it’s important you have a budget when looking to buy an expensive engagement ring. Sit down and determine the price range of the ring you want to go for.

Is it a lab diamond eternity ring, a 14K rose gold entwined, or an 18K yellow gold Elle engagement ring?

Your budget shouldn’t be made based on sentiments or emotions. Instead, make your budget based on what you have in your checking account, savings account, investment, or whatever you intend to use to finance your purchase.

PS: Feel free to skip this step if you have an unlimited budget.

2. Buy Based on Your Partner’s Preference

When ordering an engagement ring, ensure it comes with features—style, shape, size, metal, stone, etc., your fiancée loves. If you can't find the right diamond ring for your fiancée ,consider custom diamond rings. These rings can be customized to fit the preference of your wife-to-be. 

Failure to buy a ring that matches your partner’s preference may dampen her excitement when you eventually kneel to pop the question. It’s a big moment. Make it memorable by buying a ring your partner loves. 

3. Understand and Research the 4Cs.

Diamonds are classified using four well-defined areas; color, carat, clarity, and cut. A big unblemished colorless well-cut diamond will certainly cost more than a flawed colored stone of similar carat weight. Each graded area can either increase or decrease the price. It is left for you to survey the color range of diamonds and learn how the clarity and cut grades affect their beauty.

If you have the money to purchase the flawless variety, go for it! However, if you cannot afford a flawless stone in the dimension you want, you’ll have to forego another “C" for the larger carat or simply settle for a smaller one.

4. Buy From a Reputable Jeweler

There are many Jewelers who claim to sell quality jewelry. However, only some of these Jewelers are reputable, while the rest are shams.

For quality and authentic diamonds, ensure you buy your engagement ring from a reputable jeweler. If you don't know any, ask, research—go online. Once you find a good Jeweler, your research doesn’t end there. Review their policies and warranties, and check their store's rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since you’ll be spending a huge amount of money, you'll want to ensure that you invest in a quality ring, not a sham or replica.


One of the best ways to make your marriage proposal memorable and emotional is by going on your knees with a ring your partner loves. If you opt for an expensive ring, you must ensure that it's quality and authentic. Take your time. Do your research and compare rings. Don't rush the process, so you don't end up with a mediocre ring.

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