Saturday, July 31, 2021

Do online games really reduce stress?

How are you doing at this time of pandemic? It has been over a year since quarantine has started and so many adjustments have already happened in our lives. Have you discovered a new passion or a hidden talent that you never knew you had but got enhanced? Or maybe an old habit came back again?

So many of us experience many of the things I mentioned above because we were forced to stay home. A lot has shifted from day-to-day office to work from home and face-to-face schooling of our children has transitioned to online learning. But no matter how busy each one of us could be, we couldn't deny that we still experienced boredom and worse — burn-out! Yup, kids and adults alike experienced it and the truth is, so many are still experiencing it as of this writing. Why? Because as humans, we are naturally adventurous and for our sanity's sake, it is advisable that we spend some recreation to free up our minds from our day-to-day activities.

With the quarantine restrictions, both adults and children have turned into playing online games. I'm sure you're one of them because let's face it~ aside from binge-watching, online games are one of the best sources of entertainment within the confines of our home. Am I right or am I right? haha!

Growing up, I've enjoyed playing various gaming consoles. I can say I'm quite lucky my parents bought me such. I'm proud to say as well that even I had the luxury of playing these game consoles when I was a kid — I was disciplined enough to balance my playtime and my study time. So now that I am a Mom, I do not prohibit my daughter from playing too. It is one of the areas where I get to know my daughter even more and her interests as well. I believe games have a lot of benefits to her growing mind like boosting here problem solving skills; improves her social skills because she can interact with her friends; enhances her analytical skills and many more.

In fact, when I get bored I head on to and play the ever classic solitaire :) heehee. Eversince I discovered the website ~ I got hooked on it. it's a Free Browser-Based Online game that brings back down memory lane!

I Super love it because it's FREE.
Play all day and you won't have to worry about hidden and top-up charges. All you need is an internet connection and that's it! Does that sound amazing? For sure!

We all hate ads! I do not want to be distracted and interrupted in the middle of my game. I mean, who doesn't right!

It has different categories for both kids and kids at heart. Isn't that cool! From my ever favorite Solitaire simulation games to Arcade games to Education to Sports games and many-many more!!!

The website brings back so many memories as a kid. It has my favorite cartoons turned into games! How cool is that? It has different categories where kids and kids at heart can get to enjoy. It has different categories from arcade games, education, solitaire simulation games, sports games, etc.

The best part of this is you only need an internet connection and you can play all day! No hidden charges or whatsoever! Sounds fun? Definitely!

Check out some of my favorites~ for sure you can find yours too! 

This was my favorite game when I was in Highschool ( Up to now, haha! ) It was the first game installed on my computer, haha! I never complained, it definitely enhanced my thinking skills heehee! 

This is such an arcade classics! I remember my brick game way back, so fun!!! 

This game will put your speed to the test.  Whoa, such a rush, The goal is to keep the ball from falling out so that extra bonus points may be played.

If you have the same age as I am~ these games will definitely take you back to your childhood years! Sooo fun to reminisce and to enjoy and be able to play it once again. 

If you are looking for games for you and your family, visit They have a lot of games to choose from which the whole family can enjoy playing! 

My husband, myself, and my daughter actually got hooked on playing both online and mobile games, and I tell you— it has become our routine and our bonding which made us more closer.

Try playing games on the website too then tell me which one is your favorite. :) 

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