Thursday, March 04, 2021

PLDT Wifi Mesh: Do you really need it?

Aside from covering the entire home with wifi signal, did you know that a Wifi Mesh system is more than that? Here’s a rundown of things you can enjoy with #PLDTHomeWiFiMesh!
WiFi Mesh is the new standard for home connectivity. Here’s everything you need to know to fully enjoy seamless connection in every part of your house with your Wifi Mesh! 

PLDT Home Wifi Mesh gives you stable connection for every device, in every part of the home.

PLDT Home Wifi Mesh lets you easily manage your home internet on your mobile device. 

With PLDT Home Wifi Mesh, enjoy peace of mind for your child’s online safety with its parental control features.

Do you think this is something you need in your home? I do, Ang dami naming dead spot sa house. :) I hope this Fast Facts about PLDT’s Whole Home WiFi helped you.

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