Monday, February 01, 2021

Celebrate Love the Practical Way With These Valentines Day Gifts

We all that Valentine’s Day is yet another convenient excuse to splurge on gifts to show your significant other how much they are loved and cared for. A lot of us do this every February right?  
Because Valentines are being celebrated by partners and lovers, how about celebrating it this year by making those close to your heart all happy by gifting them useful items that are affordable yet worthy enough! I know we are not yet over with the health crisis we are facing, so it is just but right to be practical now. No need for fancy gifts, after all a surprise is still a surprise! Isn't it great when you are not just surprising your partner but even your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, or best friend! And what's nice is you can shop at the comfort of your home coz' these selection options can all be purchased via Shopee!

Here's a round-up of nice and useful finds you can gift your loved ones this Valentine’s season: 

Classic Jewelry for everyday

Give it to yourself or to your special someone and let these Japanese-inspired pieces of jewelry fit their every style. What's nice is it is well made to be tarnish-resist and hypoallergenic for your everyday casual wear and comfort. 

Mikana 18k Gold Plated Minori Layered Pendant Necklace Accessories For Women

Mikana 18k Gold Plated Tsuin Stud Earrings Accessories For Women 


Get up to 79% discount when you buy in sets! Also, get up to 50pesos off with min spend of P700 when you use code MIKAFEB2 valid until Feb. 02 

Isn't it a perfect treat for yourself or for your partner, wife, or mom this Love Month?! 

You can check more designs on their Valentine' Collection via MIKANA's Official Store on Shopee! When you purchase, use #MikanaLady on social media posts and reviews.

Organic Skincare  

As we take care of our face, we should take care of our pits too! This is a perfect gift for your sister or best friend!

Organic Skin JapanIntensive Whitening Underarm Kit with Deodorant, Cream, and Mist

Give the gift of a nice underarm beauty regimen with a new formulated intensive whitening underarm cream. Use either the roll-on deo or deo mist at daytime and use the underarm cream at night on clean underarms. It is dermatologically tested, all natural, cruelty free and has no harmful chemicals. Get up to a 56% discount when you buy in sets! Also, get up to 50pesos off with min spend of P500 when you use code ORGAFEB50 valid until Feb. 02

Key benefits are all-natural, intensively whitens, moisturizes, smoothens, lightweight and non-greasy

You can check more products via Organic Skin's Official Store on Shopee! When you purchase, use #CelebrateSKIN on social media posts and reviews.

Eye Protection from Bluelight emitted by Digital Screens

With our new-normal nowadays, for sure most of us wish that we can protect our eyes from radiation due to excessive eye exposure on computer screens and gadgets? I always do, that's why I own one.

I wear Shigetsu Bluelight glasses daily for digital screen protection. 

Shigetsu KAGAWA Semi round Computer eyeglasses for Women with Anti Radiation/Bluelight Metal Frame

The gender neutral design of silver full frames are made of metal, yet sleek and stylish for everyone.

Give your loved ones the gift of eye protection! What's nice is every Shigetsu eyeglasses comes with its own complete eyewear package. Let them unbox their new Shigetsu specs — they will get an all-inclusive leather case, black pouch, soft wiping cloth, and of course their Anti-Blue Light and UV400 eyeglasses.

Get up to 77% off discount on select items. Also, get up to 50pesos off with a minimum spend of P450 when you use code SHIG22SLE valid until FEB.02. You can also follow @shigetsujp on Shopee to be notified of deals and promotions.

Check out Shigetsu's Official Store on Shopee and choose from their wide range of anti-blue light glasses! When you purchase, use #OnlineReady #ShieldYourEyes on social media posts and reviews.

Inspirational Tees  

Sometimes a Tee can speak more than you could ever tell! Wearing a comfortable tee is a major plus in keeping your positive vibes. Not only does it prevent sensitive skin from unwelcomed rash but it also lets you move freely without restraints. 

For an affordable price and long-lasting print. I recommend two of Inspi’s newest arrivals, “you make me smile” and their very own Disney “Mickey Mouse Varsity” tee. Let your loved ones wear comfort and quality!

You Make Me Smile, Mickey Mouse Varsity

Complete your day with a smile!

Also, get up to 50pesos off with minimum spend of P550 when you use code INSPFG61S valid until FEB.02. Check out Inspi Official Store on Shopee and choose from their wide range of awesome tees!

Plain & Basic Comfortable Tees for Men

Basic clothing essentials for a comfortable everyday lifestyle that matches personalities. Keep your loved ones' everyday life comfortable with Organic Shirt. Forget about ripping stitches, rough texture, or sagged neckline because all items are made of pure cotton for softness and  breathability to wear, lockstitch technology for stronger stitch, ring-spun cotton for softness and extremely durable, and non-sag neckline for guaranteeing to never lose its shape.



Get these comfortable tees on our Shopee store! Just go to your Shopee app and search the keyword ORGANIC PHILIPPINES or ORGANIC SHIRT and message us for more information! See you there!

Get up to 50pesos off, minimum spend of P650 when they use code ORGA4AFA6 valid until Feb 02.
Check out Organic Official Store on Shopee and choose from their wide range of quality and comfortable tees that are purposely made to fit at an affordable price!

If however, you are having a hard time finding a specific color shirt, don’t worry —Crown offers a wide array of shirt colors and it is recognized for having good quality materials. From neutral, pastel to bright color, they have it!

If you have a soft personality, I recommend “Mint Green Round Neck” tee,  if  you’re loved one loves dark color, “Emerald Green Round Neck” perfectly fits him.



For a very affordable price, you or your loved one can wear exactly the color of the tees you visualize that can fit his or your personality.  

Get up to 10pesos off, min spend of P299 when they use code CROWNFW5S valid until Feb 02. Check out Crown Official Store on Shopee and choose from other available colors of tees!

If you haven't yet, don't forget to download Shopee on Google Play or Apple Store.

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