Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Champions are Made at Home

In the last few months, we have seen major changes in how people live their lives including our kids. Suddenly classes are shifted to distance learning which has become one of the major adjustments parents and kids face currently.

The day-to-day routines of many have been affected. Sports and physical activities of our kids have become limited but slowly, we have definitely learned to adjust. That’s why discovering the MILO Home Court campaign really helped Tammy a lot. Instead of her just streaming or playing games after her online classes – together, we spent time completing 4 weeks of Arnis sessions organized by the Department of Education-Arnis Association of the Philippines (DEAAP) on MILO Philippines’ YouTube channel, for free! This is all under the MILO Sports Clinics Online (MSCO) program – expert coaches from different MILO partner sports organizations created convenient and easy-to-follow modules so parents can guide their kids to try sports and be active. The best part is that you can do all of it in the comfort of your own homes. 

I'm so happy witnessing and guiding Tammy as she learned champ moves like the different arnis stances such as Ready, Attention, Forward, Oblique, Straddle, Side, Back Stance as well as be involved in physical activity and sports again, all in the comfort of our home. 

Seeing her learn the stances carefully and apply it to herself is already a great accomplishment for me. Tammy being able to follow the virtual lessons minute after minute shows how much she enjoys it! 

It's also a great privilege having been given the chance to try and participate in the MILO Sports Interactive Online Classes (MSIOC). 

Here, we were able to receive more hands-on coaching in our Badminton class that MILO Philippines and its partner, Asuncion Badminton Camp, are also offering for kids to stay active and healthy at home. You can join with a minimum participation fee of Php 1,000, inclusive of 4 to 12 classes depending on the sport and organizer. 

Up to now, I still can't get over that the virtual live sessions can really be done despite the limited spaces at home. Thanks again to Coaches Kennevic and Kennie's warmth and positivity ‘coz it was a big factor kaya Tammy was able to properly do the basic gripping and footwork technique. Dito pa lang, achieve na achieve na ni Tammy ang kanyang MILO Home Court experience! 

It really gives me that superb feeling seeing Tammy being more attached to sports now with a goal of being fit and healthy. Ang daming niyang natutunan both in Arnis and in Badminton! Not just the moves, but also the values she’s gained like discipline after patiently and carefully following her coaches, and confidence after realizing that she’s done a good job. I am sure that in the previous weeks since we did the sessions, Tammy is physically and mentally healthy more than ever. Nakikita ko sa kanya that she now appreciates more our stay home, stay safe moments because she got to discover her own home court as she continues to enjoy each and every moment of it. Tammy now is definitely a champ in the making, and I have MILO to thank for that! 

We may already learned a lot from MSCO and MSIOC but we are still looking forward to more learnings as she takes her path towards the way of being a CHAMPION!

I've recommended this so many times but I won't make sawa in recommending it over and over because naniniwala ako that each of our children deserves to develop physical skills, get exercise, have fun, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem through sports.

Remember Mommy Bloggers Philippines’ MILO Home Court Challenge social media contest? I’m announcing 1 lucky winner and that is our Champion Mommy – Love Fullido Compoc! You just got yourself 1 case of MILO products (good for 1 year), 3 MILO basketballs, and 1 MILO jacket. To claim your PRIZES, please DM me on Facebook or Instagram, or the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you as well to the moms who’ve participated in the challenge. You’re all champions in your own ways!

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