Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Which is Better? Gold Bracelets or Gold Bangles


Compared with ancient and present gold jewelry, modern gold jewelry is more concise and elegant, reducing some kind of "cheesiness". There are a lot of people who buys gold custom name bracelets in their daily life, and many of which are torn between gold bracelets and bangles. So which one is better to buy— gold bracelets or bangles?

Gold jewelry is one of the most common jewelry in women's daily collocation. Not only does it have a good decorative effect, it can enhance the temperament of women, make women look more dignified and beautiful; and gold also has the role of preserving value. Therefore, the popularity of the inexpensive gold custom name necklace is also expected.

Let's say we take the gold jewelry that looks the simplest and best to buy, still~ many people want to embellish their wrists with multiple gold ornaments. But often, a lot gets torn between the two.

Although the gold name bracelet and the gold bangle both look similar because of its shape, there are still some differences when worn that brings such as how it feels and these effects:

1. Comfort for wearing: Bracelet > Bangle 
No matter what jewelry you wear, comfort is definitely a consideration. Compared with gold bangles, gold bracelets are lighter, and during the wearing process, the pressure on the wrist is relatively small.

2. Fashion: Bracelet > Bangle
When choosing jewelry to wear, in addition to comfort, there is a very important point, which is to look good and stylish!
Everyone has a certain understanding of the appearance of gold bangles and gold bracelets. If you talk about the degree of fashion, gold bracelets are better. After all, the styles of gold bracelets are more diverse, and they are exquisite and lightweight. which are the best fashion items! If you are more fashionable, a gold bracelet for your girlfriend will be a good choice.

3. Firmness: Bangle > Bracelet
Although the previous two points are advantages of the gold bracelet, in terms of firmness, I can say that the gold infinity bracelet is relatively easy to deform! The gold texture is very soft and if you don't pay attention to it, the original size bracelet will become more and more loose and longer in a short time. This is not because you are thin, but your bracelet is deformed.

Most of the gold bracelets are elegant, which is the first choice of many young female friends, and the price is more favorable than gold bangles. The styles are also various, whether they are hollow, they are very delicate.

The gold bangles are more solemn and elegant and are usually more popular with older middle-aged female friends. Most of the gold bangles are integrated designs, and their prices are generally higher than gold bracelets.

I usually shop online for my personalized jewelry at cheap prices. So which one do you prefer now? Gold bracelets or bangles?


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