Friday, October 18, 2019


Filipinos love to cook and eat ⁠— and Tiktok has become one of the most accessible platforms to share one’s love for cooking within 15 seconds that’s nothing short of entertaining. Who says you can only sing, dance, or act in TikTok? ⁠In fact, this popular mobile video application opens its doors to anyone who has something to share with the world — like your next gastronomic adventure or meokbang of your weekend comfort food.

Be a Master Foodie with these five TikTok ideas that will surely make its way to every man’s heart:

Street Food Lover
This is the ultimate comfort food whenever we feel gloomy, hungry, or just plain broke. Invite your friends to a street food hopping and create a short video showing your exquisite dining experience.

Burger Party
Watching someone preparing sandwiches and burgers can be mouthwatering. Let your viewers imagine the smell and aroma of beef and listen to the crisp freshness of veggies through your ‘food vlog’ type content. After all, you can never go wrong with the appetizing subject.

Pasta, Per Favore
Raise your hands, pasta lovers!
Italian food is one of the best and it seems everyone loves anything pasta. Who can say no to a bowl of creamy penne with appetite boosting music in the background? I bet no one. Pasta videos are good to pass around.

Who’s Buffet Royalty?
Pinoy great appetite can only be satiated by buffet restaurants. Let your viewers be your food buddy through your videos. Give them a view of golden liempo in its glistening glory, with all-thick-and-orange kare-kareng gulay on the side and the perfectly grilled pusit dripping with the juice of its stuffing. Drooling now? It’s just words. Imagine what videos can do.

Sweet Tooth Temptations 
Indulge in your favorite desserts and try out new varieties. A little sugar can improve your mood and give you the energy you’ll need for an action-packed day! It’s not yet too late to celebrate Dessert Day (October 14) or too early to enjoy some treats days before Halloween. You need some sweetness in your life!

Coffee Craving
If you’re in for a caffeine boost or you just want to appreciate some great coffee art, take a break, watch the video below, learn, and create your own latte masterpiece. You know what’s even better? Share what you’ve learned and made someone’s day with that cup of coffee. 

World Food Day
But before you get too excited, let us remind you to avoid food wastage in the process of creating your video. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for calls for action to make healthy and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone. Today is the best day for us to start thinking about what we eat.

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