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Nakakahiya man aminin~ pero it was just the 2nd quarter of last year when I begin to stay in the kitchen and make some experiments in cooking. I always tell myself kasi before na siguro naman it's not gonna make me less of a mom if my expertise in the kitchen is not that much. But then... biglang nagbago lahat yun when I had my FIRST EVER first-hand experience in cooking. Iba pala talaga yung feeling when you are able to feed your family with good food on the table.

As I get to learn to cook more, I also become more conscious with what I will be preparing for my family and of course the budget na din. Seriously, I never take a closer look at products. Most often than not, I would just purchase what my mom usually use sa house namin before or minsan talaga, I would just choose a product which has the lesser amount para makatipid lang.

A few days before Christmas last month — I had the privilege to attend a cooking demo and activities where Claro Palm Oil was used. The attendees of the event were some of my fellow mom friends too so the event was very casual and fun.

Honestly, at home, there are 2 types of cooking oil lang that we use~ Canola oil for frying and Olive oil for salads and other recipes that have sauces like adobo or steaks.

Smell test – Claro Palm Oil has clean and almost odorless smell compared to other brands.
We had a lot of realizations after witnessing and doing a series of activities such as smell test, taste test,  solidification test and smoke point.

I have listed my realizations below:
-When cooking, we should not just pick any cooking oil.
-There are a lot of cooking oil available in the market, but we have to know by heart that each is different, thus have various characteristics and has a specific use in cooking.
- Palm oil is best in deep-frying because it resists oxidation. But not all palm oil are created equal.
- The cooking oil we use affects the taste of our food. Yup~ you read that right. Kaya even if you try to taste your cooking oil~ even if it may seem tasteless, it definitely affects the flavor of the food.

 High-quality cooking oil should not solidify quickly. One of the test activities: Which oil brand will solidify first?  Claro Palm Oil bottle is the one in the middle.

But with a lot of Palm oils available in the Market, how can we make sure that we are getting the right one, especially the one the fits our budget?

Claro Palm Oil is the cooking oil in the middle which is the clearest on the smoke point test.
If you will ask me, after our activity ~ I got converted and convinced right away. Here are the reasons why:
- After several times that the Claro oil was used, it still appears cleaner and definitely much clear.
- It's healthier because of its higher smoke point.
- The Fried chicken ( which was the menu that was used as the demo) has less grease and doesn't taste maanta even after several times of cooking use ~ so yup, I would say it taste better.

I know it's hard to just make you believe ng ganon-ganon na lang coz' you were not there naman to witness the activities during our event. I was actually planning on re-doing it sana over the holidays to test it out — kasi baka tsamba lang or one time result lang ..... kaso our staycation got super and extra  (yup, superlative talaga yung ginamit kong words, kasi super haba talaga! haha!) kaya hindi ko na nagawa.

But then syempre lahat ng bagay may ending and our daily lives must go on~ so we are back to school again na this week and the holidays and the occasions in our family are really over so ito na — I was able to do a comparative test at home kanina lang-- Fresh na Fresh pa. haha!

I tested it out with Tammy's breakfast and baon and for school.

Left: USED BRAND X OIL || Right: USED CLARO PALM OIL -  the other one is definitely clear than the other —be the judge!

It matched with the results of the activities that we had during the event. With Claro Palm oil, it truly resists oxidation (still clear after using), doesn’t get rancid and it doesn’t solidify, 

Here's a quick video.

I was very satisfied with the results of my comparative test. Definitely, Claro Palm Oil is higher quality brand based on the results of the activities that we had last time versus my own comparative test. 

Aside from the good results, I'm happy that Claro Palm oil comes from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palmis making it Cholesterol-free,  has a high content of Vitamin A & antioxidants, has an equal portion of saturated & unsaturated fat.

As a wise mom, I know that I will be getting the value of my money when I use Claro Palm Oil instead of other brands kaya if I may stress it enough~ we should choose the RIGHT cooking oil, coz' it matters talaga.


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  1. Iba talaga ang Jolly Claro Palm Oil. Ganyan na din po ang gamit naming oil sa bahay simula po nung nabasa ko po ang blog mo nagswitch po agad ako ng oil. At healthy pa ang Claro Palm oil 😍😍😍

  2. Am back now at may signal na unlike sa province na loading ang links 😢
    First time ko mkabasa of blog re cooking oil and some tips. Kasi honestly what's available sa market un binibili ko, and sometimes i use this brand but i dont stick and i dont pay attention sa goodness nito when frying na unlike dito na detailed with pictures pa. Iba din talga pag we can feed them without worrying na we are using ingredients na nakaksama. Thanks for this Mommmy, ngyon Clarong Claro na talga for me.😘

  3. I have a been the cook in the family since college days (mejo tagal na din hihihihi) but I never had actually witnessed a demo about cooking oil or a review that was really done personally at home. Lagi lang ako talaga naka base kung ano yung sinbi ng iba na ‘ay wag mong gamitin yung ganito kasi pag nag burn hindi na cia maganda’ or ‘ito gamitin mo mura na, maganda pa’ . Kaya I was so happy to see na, uy may review about cooking oil and it made me realized so mamy things and I’ve learned alot. And this time, ako naman ang mag rerecommend, and I will be equiped with information na talagang sinubukan first hand. Thank you very very much po for this :)

  4. Wow ang galing Naman nyan ms.Jaimie kahit nagamit na sya Hindi nag bago ung kulay nung Oil amazing talaga ang Jolly Claro palm oil😊😍❤️ kahit ilang beses gamitin ok pa rin. And good for the heart❤️❤️❤️

  5. Wow iba talaga ang cooking oil .. Ang linaw pwede mo pa rin uLit gamitin for the next cooking ..