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In all things fashion, obviously, the 90s are back. From Plaid shirts, cropped sweaters, to ripped denim, jean jackets, and oversized everything which are all making a refreshing come back. But WHO SAYS trends are just for fashion? Of course, there are also beauty trends from hair makeup and nails.

We are just a few days away from Christmas? Are you done in your Holiday Shopping? I'm halfway through, still a long way to go but I know I will be done soon. With all the rush going on, have you thought of your look?  And If I were to ask you now —where do your ‘dos, nails, and overall self stand amid all this? Are you holiday ready na?? 

Ako, I already got ahead doing all of it kasi I know I would be very busy na. In case you still haven't booked yourselves for your holiday-ready- look and that much-needed pampering, girl— you still have time.

Continue reading as I share with you how I spent one of my afternoons as I took my cue from the country’s leading hair destination—Vivere Salon and my fave go-to salon & spa — Nailaholics HeySugar and Ooh La LASH.

2018 ushers in a season inspired by mood and vibe more than sartorial rules. This means you can expect fun and festive colors as much as low-key and subtle shades, with a little bit of shimmer added to the mix. the weather still calls for intense colors, but the mood demands glitter and shine. 

The volume of social events during this season requires the versatile colors of spring, but the fun of summer colors. But will all these, where does that leave us this for this year's holiday season?  I still and quite sure where to start? 

That's the purpose why I went to Nailaholics. 

I spotted this dainty, ever-flattering and versatile colors of Spring which are making waves through the holiday season.

This is the Benefit and Solique partnership from Girlstuff Nail Polish that brings a refreshing wash of light pinks, pearl whites and just the right amount of glitter for the holidays. 

So I started my day at Nailaholics to have my usual manicure, pedicure, and foot spa.

I chose Whimsy as my base then topped it off with two coats of Twinkle - a perfect blend of nude, delicate glitters with soft pink and gold tones, infused with a sprinkle of low key silver. 

Spot my nails, I love itttt!
Depending on what are you in the mood for? You can take your pick, stay on trend and head out~  they have a lot of these at Nailaholics now. 

After my nails, I then hopped at Hey Sugar, which is just beside Nailaholics. 

While there’s not much women can do about pinched feet and blisters—waxing doesn’t have to be as painful as you imagine. It’s a matter of knowing where to go and what waxing method to choose.

Their method is swift but efficient. It begins by an expert aesthetician pouring the sugar wax on the area, so its rich, delicious warmth soaks into your skin. This allows the mixture to really seep into your pores and get a good grip on hair follicles, straight from the roots, with the added bonus of moisturizing and exfoliating your skin. 

They work in small, manageable sections and press on the skin gently as they lift the cooled wax, efficiently removing even the shortest hairs from its roots. After that, you emerge from the salon smooth, exfoliated, moisturized, and hair-free. The experience is a stark difference from DIY creams and at-home waxing kits—which are not only messy but are as painful as you probably imagine waxing to be. I wrote a detailed experience about my waxing experience on a separate post. 

My next Stop was at Ooh la Lash because Eye lashes matter too.

Ooh La Lash is known for their lash extensions which is a semi-permanent procedure that saves you from dealing with the daily application and upkeep as it promises lush lashes. 

This time I had their lash perm instead and skipped lash extensions. I was told that the lash perm service can last for 1-2 months so sulit na sya at Php 350.

Our eyes are the most sensitive are in our face, thus it should be handled with care and utmost professionalism. And I must say, I would have to comment their technicians because they really know what do. 

Here's how my lashes look after the perm.
You can wake up, leave the gym, go straight to a night out after work, even take a #wokeuplikethis selfie, Not only did you just cut down your makeup routine significantly, you also don’t have to worry about runny makeup—all the while knowing that you look perfectly put together. 

Oh and I can guarantee to you that the materials they use here are 100% safe and gentle. I saw it with my two eyes.  :)

For their extensions, they make it sure that it is secure and durable. 

You want low-maintenance makeup routines? Then Ooh la lash will also be your best friend. 

Quite simply, it pays to go to a salon that knows what they’re doing. So be sure to choose one that you can trust. 

Last stop is Vivere Salon, which is situated across Nailaholics. 

It took some time for me to choose what I wanted to do with my hair. There was a lot to choose from the holiday trends ~ ice blonde, deep cherry red, or spicy hotmeg balayage. 

I was tempted to have my hair colored in ice blonde but I was told that it would mean getting my hair bleached again, which became the reason why I stayed on the safer side.

My stylist Bryan suggested that he would just add red highlights to my hair since I have highlights naman na so didn't think twice. I said yes right away!

They also blow-dried and curled my hair, which makes me think — magpa-hair perm kaya ako!!  Haha. Whatevs, bahala na... :)

Ayan~ check my final look! I really love eeeet!

Currently, I'm already looking forward to my next look na.  Haha! I'm that excited lungz

Golden blondes - rich auburn - deep reds - beautiful chestnuts - and in contrast - platinum and silver-light blues - purple grays - crazy magentas - dark purples -  ombres - highlights - kitschy chromes and pinks. Super dami to choose from~ kung pwede lang pagsabay-sabayin, haha!

Try these holiday trends yourself. Vivere Salon is offering it in their branches—Oh, they are giving out to everyone a free hair treatment when you have your hair color sa kanila. 



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  1. grabeee iba 😍 Super ready na! Me, actually last week pa done hair ko kasi i have to attend party ng BloggerBabes ,pero maya maya hatid si baby kasi breastfeeding siya eh. For my nails, not so sire, after the party di nako nakalabas ,i guess di pa ko holiday ready haha. My mind is busy and occupied preparing for all the things i need to do and buy too for our holiday trip to think we are traveling with kids. Dati 2 lang sila medyo i have struggles kaya need ko ko planuhin. Might drop by at Nailaholics Market Market, nakapag mani nako dyan and ganda ng service nila. I sooo like your hair😍 ganda po at na achieve 👏

  2. Good idea hehe need to be fresh amd beauty this Holiday season

  3. Wow pampering .. Have no enough budget for this perfect sana ito sa.mga occassions specialy during holidays .. Sana soon maexperince ko rin ung mga ganitong pampaganda as a mother kasi ito na ung treat naten for our self pero busy masayado pagbabantay kay baby and have no enough money .. Saya siguro nito ^_^