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During the holiday season, Filipinos enjoy cherishing the times we share with family, friends, and loved ones. For the majority, the best memories are created inside the house and the bedroom where family members bond or catch up with each other before they call it a day.

For my very small family, we are part of this majority. We spend most of our time in the bedroom ~ bonding —sharing fun memories.

As much as possible, we spend each of our sweet moments with Tammy because my husband and I believe that the best thing about memories is is how you  build them.


I came from a big family. My dad's job is overseas-based so most often than not, we spend our Christmas  without him. But even if he is not around during the most wonderful time of the year, he makes it a point that he communicates with us and call us up when the clock strikes Christmas and New Year's eve. You see, being away from someone you love especially during the Holidays is hard, what more if it's on a day to day basis and during the most special occasions of your lives!

Did you know that it is only during my wedding day that my Family became complete.  It is a very rare moment that we have a family picture where everyone of us were present. I am not complaining — I mean, I can't even complain since there's nothing I can do about it becoz' my sister and all my brothers are based overseas as well. (yup, I am the only one na naiwan and based here sa Pinas together with my mom).

I swear, that day —my wedding day, was the best moment of my life kasi that was my longtime wish — yung magkaron man lang ng time at picture na buo yung pamilya ko. Iba yung happiness when we were all together!!! That was also the time na  ang saya-saya ko pero may halong sakit kasi alam mo yung feeling na kahit na gustong gusto mong 'wag ng matapos yung mga happy moments eh hindi pwede kasi kailagan pa din nilang bumalik sa ibang bansa para sa magandang kinabukasan ng pamilya.

Naisip ko na din once na kailangan ko pa palang ikasal para lang makumpleto kami — para lang umuwi silang lahat dito. :( Eh di every year na lang kaya akong magpakasal, Haha!

Kidding aside, the picture above was our first and last photo ALL together, kaya I always become soooo emotional everytime I see our family photo. My kuya Joven, the one on the upper most left passed away due to an accident while working onboard  5 years after this photo was taken. The following year it was my dad naman who joined with our creator. Pero, sabi nga nila ganon naman talaga ang buhay. Hindi pwedeng palaging masaya.

At the end of the day, ang importante eh natuto akong tanggapin yung takbo ng buhay and I learned  to be grateful pa din kasi ang mahalaga eh nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon at mga oras na makasama ko sila.

Kaya nga I am glad that my husband's work doesn't require thousands of miles away from me and my daughter. Coz' really, napakahirap ng malayo sa pamilya.

Watch this special video and prepare your tissues, and dami kong iyak....

The video is about a young man and his brother longing for the love and company of their mother, supposedly an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). They have not seen her as she has not come home for the past three years working overseas. Not a day passes that the young man misses his mother, where he shared many fun and memorable moments with her while at his bedroom during his childhood. Same with the elder brother, he misses his mother as well. He does his best to overcome his yearning for their mother’s presence by focusing all his strength on his job. He silently cares for his brother’s needs and sees to it that his younger brother continues to strive to be the best individual that he can be. And now that Christmas is near, the longing is felt more than ever.

Their wish was granted on Christmas Day when, as they try to celebrate Christmas just like in the previous years without their mother, they were pleasantly surprised with her arrival. With their mother’s long-awaited homecoming, it will be the perfect opportunity to create new memories again together—as one family.

After their mother’s arrival, what special Yuletide celebration awaits the two sons? The heart warming video is courtesy of Uratex Philippines produced by Mode Devi Media Group in collaboration with Project Geekid Productions & Wonderlast Film.

Giving salute to the importance of family traditions, Uratex, who is celebrating 50 years this 2018 unveiled this Christmas-themed video to celebrate family memories made inside the bedroom, their common area of solitude, and the bed, a central and key witness to that celebration.

Uratex Philippines, the undisputed leader in the foam manufacturing industry believes that family love and comfort are always at the forefront in the tradition of selfless care and service to the Filipinos.

Uratex promotes the value of sharing moments together. Uratex believes that family love, caring and looking out for the welfare and greater comfort of each other is vital. Each Uratex bed provides ultimate comfort to promote a healthful and relaxed sleep night after night. This helps invigorate the body so it will remain fit and fully charged to make each family member ready to face life’s daily challenges. 

For Uratex founders Robert and Natividad Y. Cheng, the products that they’ve developed over the past five decades have been uncompromising when it comes to celebrating the beauty of love and life. Each mattress that rolls out of the company’s manufacturing facilities is the result of the Chengs’ vision to share comfort with every Filipino. With constant innovation, Uratex products remain synonymous to rest and relaxation, love and comfort.

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