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Stressed when spelled backwards is Desserts. Who would say no to desserts? NO ONE! 

From the word dessert itself, it just has so much to offer. From the sweetest chocolates, to cakes, to cute designed cupcakes, to different flavors of ice cream, to  crepes and so much more. These irresistible entre' are what we are longing for every after meals or even when we are in the middle of deadlines.  Tama ba? 

Well, a number of us increase our sweets intake especially when we are facing some shit-y situations on our daily lives. I actually don't see anything wrong with that. After all it if can make us smile even on our worst and stressful experience, so why not diba?

Perhaps you heard me or you have read somewhere here in the blog or in my social media handles that my  2017 will  be the year when I will be on a regulated diet. But who would say NO for an answer when you get to receive an invitation from foodpanda and the ighlight of the invitation was a crawl in restaurants within South of Manila focusing on desserts. Believe it or not, all of a sudden  it was like I had an amnesia. Who said I will be on a regulated diet anyway??? haha! 

Enough of my daldal! Here's sharing with you the sweetest Good Food Tour featuring some of the best restaurants from Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa. Foodpanda headed to the south last February 7 and brought us bloggers to savor the most indulging desserts one should taste. This is actually the 5th Good Food Tour adventure and the first in line for this schedule is Bizu. Our second stop was at Cold Stone Creamery and our last stop was at Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Cafe. 


From different best tasting macarons, chocolate truffles, cakes to other pastries, Bizu has really been a sophisticated brand. 

“Our Pastries are very delicate and each menu item that we make has an artistry into it,” says Anna Sadang, Marketing Officer of Bizu. 

Bizu which started last 2001 as a kiosk in Glorietta has eventually grown to more branches and extended their menu from wide variety of pastries to great tasting french and Mediterranean food. 

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone is named after their way of preparing their ice cream together with the mixins into their freezing cold and sanitized granite stone. This unique way of preparation originated in Arizona, USA. Aside from their ice creams, Cold Stone also offers ice cream cakes, shakes, and smoothies. 

Each of us were asked as to what we like for an order and yes, it was sky's the limit. How I wish Tammy was with me coz' Cold Stone is her favorite. And as much as I wanted to order the biggest serving size — nagpigil na lang ako. haha! I'm actually saving some more room for our last stop. 

We got surprised since aside from offering best flavors of ice cream, they give great entertainment to their customers too! Dancing, Juggling and throwing of ice creams are part of it so just imagine the fun and excitement that we had while eating the best Ice Cream in town. 

We enjoyed every moment!!!

“We always emphasize customer service at the top and because we value our customers so much, we want to give them something that they’ll never forget, a fun experience at Cold Stone,” says Rebecca Fernandez, Training Manager. 

Cold Stone Creamery has 20 branches all over Metro Manila, Tagaytay, and Pampanga. 

Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Cafe

Just when everybody thought that our bodies are full of sweets for the day, we really can’t say no to Paper Moon’s Mille Crepe and new Valentine’s special cakes and beverages.

Have you ever heard about the thousand crepes? The last stop for this Good Food Tour offers the best version of this. 

Thousand crepes which is basically the Mille Crepe are handmade paper thin layers of no less than 20 layers of crepes. It has light pastry cream in between and is topped with caramelized crust and this is what Paper Moon is known for.  

“Since the Filipino market are always looking for something new, we are committed to innovating our thousand crepes into different flavors that we know they can enjoy,” says Arlene Alinea, the Marketing Manager that handles Paper Moon Boutique and Café. 

Take a look at the video which I compiled for this very sweet Good Food Tour of ours. We really had fun. Watch it! :) 

You can also visit here for more of our photos. :) :) :) 

Surely, desserts are always giving us another reason why we should breathe for a while, have a quick bite, and release all the stress off of us. So why not have some of these! Whether you are in the middle of a stressful week or just want to give someone a gift this Valentines, a wide variety of desserts are available in a just a few clicks! Order via foodpanda app or visit



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